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I like reading long novels, astronomy, astrophysics, watching anime, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Twilight Sparkle is best Pony)and web comics(Of course).

My favorite anime include Gurren Laggan, Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, and FMA.
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I can't believe I ever forgot this site(and comic D:) ever existed. Well this is the 2nd comic I've caught up on. 2 down, 8 to go.
Sweet Jesus, I forgot all about this place. I remember hoping this comic would update, then rping and stuff. It's nice to see that you guys still comment here.
Everytime I disappear for months, something crazy happens and you guys are back to battling NMA.
She is gonna be her sis.
@Megamean09 They did have the episode changed by having Derpy's name removed and her voice changed. So while Derpy may remain in the background or in 'gag scenes', canonically she would never be 'Derpy'. Unless if there is some development I've missed, which isn't unlikely.
@AuraX Yes but they did listen to the pedantic parents in the fist place, which they should not have.

@Ness That's only because I hardly ever have the time to post here a lot.
@AuraX If we were the mane cast I would be Twilight because I am just like her(except for the female part, and um the unicorn pony part too).
@All Bronies: Save Derpy! Hasbro has censored her by taking out her name, changing her voice, and 'fixing her eyes! Don't let Hasbro think it is okay to change her in order avoid steping on toes, when characters like Goofy, Daffy, Dopey, and Donald Duck have been around forever!

@Tialpoy Why do we worry you, because he said you were Rarity or because we like Ponies.
Can I be Fancypants or Big McIntosh or umm there aren't enough male ponies!
I for nearly a month and it goes entirely pony obsessed. Good job, guys, good job.

@AuraX This is in response to the article you posted.
I really hope everything works out OK between them, but as it is the CMC I can't expect that. It's not like this is a show that leads you to believe one thing and have something else happen, now is it?
EDIT: On a side note, I just realized that MuhammadIguana's avatar is Gollum from the Rankin/Bass films The Hobbit and The Return of the King
They are in Paris cuz of some trip thy're on. Everyone is still on this strange beach.

O.K then if it hasn't passed when is this party?
@HanerTheHedgehog: He asked what was the 'coolest' thing on the menu, so she the icecream sundae cuz it so cold.
Oh H0ly, You have me expecting for this boy to die by smashing into the ground or being eaten, and I love every second it. Edit: I do hope he makes it though.
OR some sort of messed up eyeballs.
@Megamean09 You sir are brilliant for discovering that amazing truth.

@AuraX Which Doctor Who one cuz there are several?

@epicness I have no need for your 'script' for I have.... that wonderful Blue Box. Oh wait still need a script. Darn it!

@AuraXand Megamean09 I'm not sure what I would say is my favorite fanfic I have read, but among the top would be Fallout Equestria, Past Sins, My Little Dashie, Timelords and Terrors, its sequel Mines of Dragon Mountain, It takes a Village, The Color You Bleed and Memories of Days Long Past. I read a lot of Fanfiction.

@Deflector what is the catch?
@Meagmean09 Your initiation as a brony is completed by reading one of the most popular fan-fictions in the fandom.
Edit: Wait it has a facebook page-LIKE-.
Edit:DERP on the name Megamean09.
Yeah but it was said that at this rate Adding Zero would update before this did.
Thanks, it's nice to be here as a member. Now I can finally comment of one of my favorite comics here, Hotarugari.
I hadn't checked it in so long, but it turns out Adding Zero really did start before this updated.