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Incendiary Fluff
I like good music and good grammar, and boys that look like they could be girls. My sleep schedule is a few hours removed from that of anyone else, and I need a haircut. My favorite colors are orange and green and yellow and pink and cyan. I hate History class more than I hate Gym for some reason, and am one of those students who never studies or does homework and still manages to ace tests. I want to study languages after high school, and go teach English in Japan. :D
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Niiiice saaaaw.
She looks like she's, er, enjoying herself. 8D
Gian's eyes are pretty awesome as well.
Aww, he's so cute. <3

Your speech bubbles astound me.
They're just so /slick/. owo
Dude... You have backgrounds. xD
That's more than most of us can say.

At any rate, awesome. <3
>w</) ME!
'course, I just read it, really.
'Twould be a pleasure to read again. Can't see why anyone would need a recap~
I forgot how much I loved this comic. :3
This style is so cute... :3 I love it.
I loooove your styyyyyle. <3
I love all the different-looking demons in the first panel, and a few pages ago... what creativity! *applause*

I like the new header especially. <3 Everything's all shiny and improved~
Why, of course they'a stab yew inna head! :D
Aww, thanks. :D
Odd, b/c the healing blade idea was kind of a last resort, in case I couldn't think up anything more creative. -w-
In-Dev 3rd Anniversary!!!
So, third anniversary congrats picture:
Suggestions? Tell me what you want, what you really really want.
¡Gracias! Es muy bueno saber que hay personas que leer mi cómico... :D
¡Yay! ¡No sólo es yo! TwT

Si piensas que Dane es el más sexy, deberîa ver a su padre adoptivo. >D
Parece como es un poco mayor que Dane. ¡Claro que es el más bonito! :D

Sí, sí, ¡voy a traducir más immediatamente!
No es cierto... tengo que ir a la escuela...
Sex and Violence!!
The (lame) chapter nears its end. Feel free to comment if you like Tsun's irritating face in the top panel...
Now, to all of you who are like "D:", it's a plot device (an incendiary plot device) and I'm not sorry. :D

The rest of you may resume your reading. Have a nice day.

Also, new fanart by Lancha!
I'm not gonna lie to you; that just makes me more interested! :D
My bedtime stories were either Disney-licensed, or suffocatingly Catholic, as a child... :D
*rips off Ninja Santa disguise dramatically, a la Team Rocket*

Mwahahaha! Well, I'm glad you all liked it so!
Ahh, the plushie technique... nice.
(I lol'd.)

It's Dane! Looking all hawt, with a candy cane clenched provocatively between his teeth! >D

I love you... whoever you are. :3
Awesome shirts are awesome.
Actually, the whole thing is pretty damn cool. :D