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どうぞ よろしく おねがいします〜 <3

it's nice to meet you all, I'm Willow (penname) an artist, singer, songwriter, but most off all, student. I appreciate comments and questions but please keep any nastyness to yourself. Besides that, I hope you are having a wonderful day~ Jaa ne
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Seriously? Congrats :3
@Mizuki: Thanks babe~ I really need to finish the next comic soon but I just got really sick.... ; _ ; dang...
This cover art is the Chibi Life characters Chibi, Mizuki, and Kiba cosplaying as Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero from Sakura Cardcaptors.

This is an bonus page I just finished; this week's comic is still in the works~
Your art is so good, and it's actually funny (I still go back and read Prof Oak's bit) I don't understand why some people complain, you're doing a great job dear :)
New Character Alert: Kiba, member#2 of the Hima Hima gang. This character isn't due for a formal debut for some time. His face is always covered and his personality is very similar to Mizuki's; he is also a good friend of Chibi's and is often seeing helping people with their groceries.

I finished this early so I post early. ; _ ; yay~! Please look forward to the next one
@Mizuki: Chibi hates fish. The way they smell, taste, look... etc So they freak her out. Mizuki eats it ha ha xD She loves fish. YUM~

Isn't it cute how they complete each other? lol
Sorry I'm late~ ; _ ; I woke up early so I could finish this... GYA~~

New Character Alert: Hanako, Yoh's little sister. She's introverted and stoic despite being very pretty and stylish. All of her life she's been given (too much) of everything so now, she's become quite independent and somber.
@Mizuki: Actually... those are cosplay outfits from Dragon Ball xD ha ha I wondered if anyone would notice. Apparently they like to cosplay because the artist runs out of ideas of what their clothes should look like.
Please support me by checking out some of my other artwork at:

I really don't think this needs much explaining. It was a lot of fun to draw, but it made me miss MY BFF ; _ ; alot..... *sigh*
Poor baby~ So short ; _ ;
Oooh <3 You did such a great job. As creeps as this sounds... that blood looks yum <3 lol
@Mizuki: Ne? Mizuki-chan, Actually Kaname's hair is inspired by Talon-senpai. I think you'll like the Hima-Hima gang, they appear a little later in the series :3 their character design is so cute <3
Pretty short...
It Feels like this took a long time but once I got it finished I can't help but feel I didn't do enough.

New Character Alert: Kaname, Chibi's crush and Yoh's BFF. He's quite popular but only seems to have eyes for Chibi. Despite his shyness it's obvious that Yoh (and most everyone) knows about his and Chibi's feelings...
Poor Chibi
*Note: For those who don't know Chibi is the Japanese word for short or small. So to Rabbit-san it sounds like Chibi is making fun of him for being so small.

New Character Alert: Mizuki, Chibi's best friend, she is compassionate and insightful and disliked only by Chibi's brother because she tends to ruin his plans to torment Chibi
Chibi's 1st Appearance
This is Chibi's Debut picture and only a few Chibi comics will be in color, sorry.

New Character Alert: Chibi and Yoh (chibi's older brother) They both have strange curls that can move according to their emotions. Every person in their family has a similar curl.