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I am vengeance.
I am the night.
I am a Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit!
sorry i forgot to mention there wasn't an update last week! I was busy with con going shenanigans and hadn't actually gotten around to lettering this page. WHOOPS
this is probably not the best way to react to an attempted mugging, that being said Ilana didn't do so hot of a job considering i totally forgot to draw her a pocket knife. WHATEVER
WOW GUYS two whole days late, sorry!! Had a very hectic week.
@Makoto Kino: Something like that!!
if you ever read this and think "collette makes no sense" that is 200% normal
WOW I told you guys this whole Jojo coming out on fridays was gonna be a problem! A whole day late! My bad.

Anyways, every time i introduce a new character I always think "Good, now everyone will have to wonder if it's a new magical girl or a red herring", but then I remember if anyone follows me on tumblr they know all the magical girls and then some.
@Guest: HAHAHAHA probably not, but wouldn't that be something
this whole 'jojo airing on friday' thing is making me forgetful
i almost forgot to update today because STARDUST CRUSADERS
80% of the time i forget that Nexus is set 20 minutes into the future so i pull this bullshit to remind myself.

Welcome to chapter 3!
Sorry, no official new page this week! I got really caught up on convention shenanigans and I'm WAY behind on Nexus. WHOOPS.
AAAAAND that's it! Chapter 2 is done and over with! Thank you everyone who's stuck around this long, I'll see you next week in chapter 3.
@Huh: It's german for wonderful. Erica's just being a dick
February 23rd, 2014
@ErictheTolle: I just laughed for a good five minutes. Bless.
It only took two chapters, but we finally got a title drop
AYYYY who's ready for an info dump.

a sudden explosion of moe. why this???
it's dumb how proud i am of the background in the last panel.

Nexus returns after its month long hiatus to a page with TOO MUCH BLUE
I'm going on a bit of a hiatus for the rest of the month, to recharge a bit, hibernate, and get some shit in order.

Nexus will return to its regular schedule on January 3rd, until then, enjoy your holidays!