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Drake's my name

I like Pokemon,Digimon,Sonic,Kirby, etc

Agumon and Guilmon are my favorite digimon
Charizard's my pokemon

I came from Da to learn how to be a better comic maker, and meet some new people.

Comics I'm in:
- Digimon Core-Eyes (Dragon Core)
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    Drake M.
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Well.. it's safe to say she learned Frustration right?... Too soon?
Silly Ironman. Close combat Iron versus AOE Lightning doesnt end well xD
Talk about Burn Baby Burn~
Kinda lacked but still reached what it was going for
Time for action Zin!!
She says that yet we all know she loves him like that
uh excuse me?

Mr Kettle, Mr Pot called. he says your BLACK!!
>What Dregan said, but with a :3 face
Well that happened.

> RUN!!!
>Decide to make this into a game, find the files before they do first, then make it abit more..interesting
>Stay where you are till it comes closer and abit easier to see. if its not making your digivices react, calm down. if it does. run like hell.
Name: Rick Rexous.
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Specie: WereBear/Human
Colouration: Dirty tan
Shirt: -None-
Pants: heavy Brown
Gloves/Shoes: Biker Black
Accessories: a chain around his right arm
Other Details: The Muscle and Tank, but he is smarter then he appears. he jokes around when he's happy.
let her travel! let. her. travel. with. her! lol
>Joe, everyone else got their's stroll in there and be a man!
he's all like "Bruh are you serious?"

and I do have Smash
I bet Riza will be the alpha wolf this time