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Oh, ok that seems reasonable. Thanks for the quick reply
In the first panel was the background already at an angle like that or did you have to make it angled yourself?

If you did it yourself it would be very helpful if you could explain how or link to a tutorial

Do you need a moment to cool down?

Icy what you did there
This actually looks really good, did you make it in a certain style or is it custom?
Who wants to bet on how bad his reaction to this review is
@Ultimate Yoshi:

The "giant pink furry thing" is actually another OC pony, Fluffle Puff the "Fluffy Pony."

I actually didn't just make that up
what is bonnie semaine and why is it on our site
>Suck yourself into a vacuum
Richard, what's the square root of 10?
I know it isn't the best, but I was your secret Santa, Lockman. Merry Christmas!
Oh damn, this looks awesome! Thanks MasterComic!

saw that coming

not complaining because that was pretty obvious after the last comic

no it doesnt this is just a filler
they cant have his brand

he has special eyes
is that windows xp
time to get some shingeki no kyojin shit up in here