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I am one of the biggest mess of contradictions ever, slightly blind and need glasses, and an all around nerd with major fangirl tendacies.

Together with a friend I have been doing RPs for a couple of years, one of which is Ai Resu, now a web comic here found It as changed so much since we originally had the idea, but we are satisfied with where it currently is. So thankful for Angel Perez for illustrating this for us.
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If the cast got any more adorable I don't know what I'd do.
someone is an observant little chicky today now aint he? Is he gonna avoid the question again or actually answer Kavir?
September 30th, 2013
your gonna be brushed off but good try.
September 23rd, 2013
OMG i can not wait to watch this chase and kill...
so... i knew i knew that word looked it up to be sure, daijoubu desu ka is used as a more formal way of asking if someone okay- generally used when you are not super close to someone(they were just kissing, so probably not) or if they are older than you....which is possible if Blaine is dead.

fan theory and probably reading WAY too much into that.
so Demeter is apologizing for using Zeus and making things even more troubled with Hades, since it seems she planned to give Hades her child from the beginning and so the two of them could be free to be with each other in every way?
September 17th, 2013
@QuarterNinja: some swash buckling leading to one missing a sword and pinned by the other leading to invasion of personal space which leads to kissing which hopefully leads to rocking the boat...
sound about like what you were thinking?
i love your characters
September 16th, 2013
i love your informative vote incentives. they are interesting.
Hi! new reader and just wanted to say this is awesome im so curious. i wanna know more about the curse. anyway keep up the good work.
If your gonna do it, do it right Mikhail! gosh. You forgot the pose!
Would have missed the hand print had it not been mentioned!

dont say tat the ghost person is the one Blaine is looking for?
The link to the other page made me giggle. The contrast between computer and human added wit Pixel!Devoto ujst made me giggle, though its actually a pretty sad thought, to not have any chance to change or grow, to always just be one way, instead of choosing a path...
there is a face!in the background!
The amount of oh my god what. my mind is not accepting what has just happened.
not a worry. life happens as long as it lives i will read.
Love him so much. He looks awesome as a demon. I wonder how he would be as a demon, raised entirely in hell.
I started this last night and just caught up. i am really enjoying this comic and can not wait to see more!
Just finished reading all of this comic so I thought I should comment. I actually can not blame Vince for his final reaction (no less of a douche, but I was philophobic for a long time). I love your style and cant wait to see the full difference between the two comics.
New reader.
So I just read all of it, and I love all your characters. The cliches are so fun when done to such extremes! Allan is my favorite character by far. New or old I'm interested and love your stlye.