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My real name is obvious...
I'm a huge fan of Japanese stuff (Guilty of being an Otaku)
Love MLP: FiM (Pinkie Pie all the way)
I started spriting for my bro back in 2008 and now I'm very good at it. I don't use Gimp (too complex) and I have made many custom sprites (and even more recolours...)
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    Ryan Miller
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The second part of the prologue! Like I said, super busy tonight but I'll be sure to make more soon!
The first comic is out! I'm super busy with work tonight so most of the comic aspects like banner and image won't be done yet, but for now enjoy the first two strips!
But it's spelt Idle, not Idel.
10 points for anyone who can see the problem I made in the last panel.
Specifically 4 pixels of problems.
Nice to see some cross-comic friends meet back up.
Waaah~ TT.TT
I recently got a new disc drive for my Laptop, so I don't have photoshop. No cool effects from me for a while.
I'm aliiiive!
I'll make a reply comic. Sorry about the dissapearance. I was kinda bored of comics for a little while coz no-one was updating. But I'm back.
@Bazinga!: The mighty MXD! It lives! :D
But then how will we get eachothers sprites? I still don't have yours.
This floor looks awfully familiar...
So that's Blake. He's basically me. (Minus the homeless bit)
Here's a little bio that I spent no effort whatsoever on! :D

Name: Blake Kreig
Age: 18
Likes: Video Games, Anime, Candy, Pizza, Studying, most people.
Dislikes: Sports, Sports Fans, Maths, mean people.
Is this a Mobian Only (Sonic) comic? If not I'll gladly join.
So it turns out going without food for days and then eating wax is not a good idea.

Also just realised I never specified why Blake hates the military. I'll do an update on that ((After Crysis 2 of course))
You're back! :D
This is a big request. Any time is good. Okey, it's a dark green kirby wearing a darker green army helmet. It has a small scar somewhere on it's body and has short blonde (or brown) hair with a (Cammy from street fighter style) fringe. They have black shoes and also has to be a KSSU style kirby. That's a big order, but you guys are the best at it. Thanks!

(Also she's gonna use guns so maybe some poses where I could put a gun in her hand. But that's just extra, I don't really mind if that's not included)
@dfranks: We need constant adult supervision. @.@
Also just realised that this is the first comic in a while to feature zahmbies!
I was gonna drag that out for a few more chapters but eh.
And that was the day...
The day that a new alliance was born. Team "Last Rebellion"

EDIT: Also, the reason I made them bust out (With permission from Groves) is because it's really hard to make comics with fifty bajillion characters in them spontaneously. So I needed to split the groups apart.