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Hey guys, Tobias here!
I joined SmackJeeves to hopefully get my motivation for spriting back.
My favorite game series is Kingdom Hearts~

I hope to make many friends here too~

The digimon sprites on my icon were made by Yurestu~
I edited the Gumdramon sprite to make it look more like Gumdramon, but he already knows that, and I'm working on the arresterdramon sprites too. :3

I hope you don't mind, Yur~
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We need sum muzzles over here.
I made a 100% custom sprite of my wisp character.

Does it look good? Anything I need to fix?

Should I make a full sheet for him?
I made a 100% custom sprite of my wisp fan character!

Do you guys like it? Is there anything I need to fix?

Do you think I should make a full sheet for him?
Changed the clothes on my sprite very slightly.
Hey guys, i'm alive!

And I changed the clothes on my sprite very slightly.

I might apply this change to digimon accel too.
So much talking
Meanwhile in the real world, Tobias is struck with a sudden pain.. but someone comes to try and help him!

Back in the digital world, Strikedramon brings Gumdramon, now dedigivolved to Dongomon, back to the village. They are greeted by Garudamon.. but why do Dongomon and the others have to stay at this village?
What's this?
I wonder what's going on..


Hey guys.
Here's another digimon sprite comic, but there's something waaay different about this one.

What is it, you ask? Well in this digimon comic, the mobian and their digimon partner share aura.. They must always be together, or their bodies will break down! When one gets hurt, the other shares his or her pain!
I need characters, 5 to be exact.
If you want your character and their digimon partner to be apart of the comic shoot me a PM!
Yeah, you do. There are a lot online if you look 'em up.
Looking for an adventurous life?


Don't live here.

Yay update! ;o; I miss you guys I feel bad for not being around chatzy
Woohoo! New banner! We need a new page. I can get on that if anyone would let me.
If we're going by stats Mewtwo has a base stat total of 680.

Lucario has a base stat total of 525.
You do the math.
Lahv ya too, Moe~

lol justkidding.
Awesome page. :3
Lookin' awesome. Don't stress yourself out.

Heheh, thanks!
This is my take on a mega form for Gumdramon.
Legendramon digivolves from Arresterdramon.
@moe2311: heh.. I didn't draw 'em. Those are pictures from Bandai.. I just added stuff to demigumdramon to make it demigumdramon.
I might draw more seriously in future pages though!