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Kacora Mew
I am very much a creative person and I enjoy many aspects of that creativity. I enjoy Photography and Painting, Pen & Ink and Oil Pastels, along with the digital medium and the written word. I am also a lover of animals great and small. I currently have three dogs, one cat, and one horse. They amuse me and are my partners in crime.
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Still a thing!! HAHA
I love how Night Furries have been a thing since Hickup was a kid but they STILL all react he same way even now, year later! NIGHT FURRY!! GET DOWN!!!
Take your time sweety, we'll be here when you get back ^_^
I love Vards face in the last pannel. HA!
Mischief Managed
I just found this and I gotta say I'm very impressed so far! +FAV !!!
He's still wearing that rocket uniform under that hula-shirt AND hes out on a boat in the middle of nowhere! Of all the luck.....
Vesperas FACE! OMG!
BUAHAHA!! I love that expression!

OK, I have a question for Ireth this time:
During your many experiments I'm sure you've made some rather disastrous failures, it comes with the territory,as well as some resounding successes. My question is: Has one in particular experiment (failure or success) had a profound impact on your life? (for better or worse)
Thank you for your honesty Rune!

We'll wait ^_^

Question for Rune: So... how long have you had a serious crush on Ireth?

IE: Did he fall in love at first sight when he was a kid or did his like for her strong and independent character build up over time until he realized it was more than just feelings of friendship?
lovin' the moth in the background.... hehehe My eyes were drawn to him as if he were a flame >.<
looking forward to this! (for more than just the nastaljic value)
Kacora Mew
October 8th, 2014
welcome back
I know how hard a year of misfortune can be. The moving in and of its self can be hard enough but to pile so may things on top of each other like that I sometimes wonder if fate is just having a laugh at our expense.

I to have had a horrible year. In a matter of months my best friend of over 18 years died, my house and everything in it burned, another close friend moved away, i was robbed while trying to rebuild what little was left of my chard home and had to go job hunting only to find out that my grandfather has dementia.

Know that you are not alone and though time patriotically cycles us in front of the s***t fan it will eventually let you get onto a better, brighter, route. I can not tell you things WILL get easier or that the hurting will fade, but it is something that you work through.

There will always be a nagging in you but that's when you get the chance to become stronger as a person. Have a hug from me and know that while I may be out of "s***ts to give" I will always have more hugs (digital though they may be) and sometimes a hug is all you need.
So glad to see updates ^_^ I hope London is treating you well!
I love Inu's face! DAW!!! He's so happy that everyone's come to snuggle!
And now I'm crying....
Kacora Mew
February 1st, 2014
Are you still working on this? I'd really like to read more.
I knew someday you'd return T_T Oh tears of joy and happiness!
Kacora Mew
December 26th, 2013
OMG I HURT! Why am I laughing so hard!