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Asshole and proud of it.
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At least type out the "threat" so it's READABLE, stupid fuck.
Lot of broken images lately. The fuck is up with that?
Just a design idea thing I was playing around with on the Furry-doll maker.

If I do decide to change my FC's look, I'd definitely put my own spin on this and not just copy the furry doll-maker presets to a T.

Maker is here if you wanna mess with it: 8hedgehog.swf
A 5 year old child is sexy?

What are you ON?!
Add me in! I can wear a Santa hat, or some shit!
@Cassiethehedgehog: Will you knock it off? I don't give a fuck if it's "nice".
The only good page of the series imo.
Oy, faggot!

Let me just say here that we aren't buying into your bullshit.

Especially me.

I also find it really hard to believe that you're 14 years old. Unless you are Autistic, or something.
@Fusion Kirby: Calm your tits. It's a joke.
@lennyandmowmow: You're just making excuses now. Much like how your brother does. You sure you're not just another account of his? Sure would explain a lot.

P.S. No one on the Internet gives two shits about your life. NO. ONE!

P.P.S. Try harder. Make your hands fucking BLEED if necessary!
@lennyandmowmow: If you're trying to pass off a picture of Kirby as your FC, you're gonna fail big-time.
Why did you recolor over Luigi?

Draw your own shit.
@Cassiethehedgehog: Because bad comic making runs in gsman's family.