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great artwork and i love this story.
all these page links are fucing broken
so are you tails in this comic or are you metal sonic?
I'm back from 7 months interim. XD
Prologue Text without the fancy text
Plot of Alpha Sapphire wedlocke:
Team Magma Admin taking on league challenge and trying to destroy team Aqua.
Water levels are at an all time low.
We had been partially successful in waking up Groudon, but that damn pirate had to interfere...
Our leader chased Archie's sub down and tried to steal it back, but the sub was rigged and he died in the blast.
Archie was gone, Groudon back to sleep, our plan in ruins, our leader was maybe dead, and the team had scattered.
I was left to pick up the pieces...

(Wedlocke rules: I get a Poocheyena as my starter as a team Magma admin, my starter gets switched for im and he does not count as my first route pokemon encounter.)
This guy is cool and the best trainer from the pokemon games and is a total badass, and you butchered his character in this. His name is Wes by the way.
grammar nazi
"May, I've !sent! our next-door neighbor to your room."
@PhantomCat: Hey Great comic man, great art style, story and everything. A lot better than the crappy story in the actual game. Anyways just wondering if there's no chance of a ship between gengar and axew or if that's not a question you can answer plot wise thats fine too. I'll read the comic either way.
Looks like a digimon but I forget the name
Gender confusion
After reading through your comic 2x, I can clearly analyze and say that you have gender identity issues and portray that through your artwork. congrats
Coming to a close
This intermission is coming to an end soon to get back to the story.
The boss will send his ace up his sleeve.
The attacker runs off to his boss' lair
Comic title
Shadow: The Lone Wolf
Please read the alt text
Power up
Get ready for super scourge.
Now onwards
for another battle between anthropomorphic critters with god-like powers.
Power of evil
Scourge jumps into the air and spin jumps to barrel his way into a troop of three buzzbombers.
I thank you guys so much for the renewed support for this comic, it is a lot of fun, I will be updating shortly XD.