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We've all been there. Some just frequent it more than others.
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    David Neumayer
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Qitt's ear was torn off in the scanner.
Everyday I'm shufflin'
Does this mean The Cool separates after a certain time period? He needs the fusion rings to stay like that forever.
Great continuity there. Was all of this planned ahead of time?
Great game reference! It's like a Colossus sequel.
I love these running jokes. That bird knows just the right moment to swoop in.
Alright. I'm hooked now.
What's better than one-off gags? One-off gags that combine into something amazing.
I love the potato chronicles.
It's everything I've dreamed.
One of the most unpredictable things I've ever witnessed. Awesome!
Rating upgrade.
Great set-up. I was wondering if that was going somewhere.
Nice art work. I really like the inking.
The lost page... has been found.