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Hello all~

I'm Nikki, but I prefer to go by the name Evil! I'm a Third Year College student going for my BFA in Illustration, with the hopes of becoming a comic artist/book illustrator.

I mostly focus on drawing cats and pokemon, but I also draw humans from time to time as well. Most of my comics and stories focus on the former two however.

I'm VERY inconsistent with updating comics and whatnot due to my school/work schedule being very busy, and giving me little free time for myself. I do want to continue them, but please be patient and give me time. It's stressful all around.

You can find more of my art on my Deviantart account:
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@Warriors rule: Hi! What do you mean? Use my designs in your own drawings? Feel free to do that, just credit me for the designs!
I based his looks off of a tuxedo cat, hehe. I thought it'd fit with the whole black and white patched look :3c
Sorry for the delay!
I'm just now finishing up my finals week in school haha, so I'll have more time to draw cats and my comic and the like. Sorry for the brief break there in the middle of it all <3
@jaketheflareon231: I use photoshop cs6 to draw my comics!
@jaketheflareon231: Oh man haha, this story is LONG dead and I don't think it'll be picked up again by any of us. So there won't be any more characters made for it, sorry to say ;v;
There's a lotta grandpas in Thunderclan lol
Halftail always looks a little weird whenever I draw him....mostly because he's missing half of his tail lol
Me now: Hehehehe fun design!

Me later, having to redraw Speckletail's design over and over and over for comic pages: oh no
@waffle666: yeah!! I'm trying to get better at drawing kits the appropriate sizes for their ages, haha! Swiftkit is meant to be around 2 moons old here ;v; hopefully the size is fairly accurate...
Goldenflower's only baby in the first book!
Goldenflower needs to be fluffy like her brother Lionheart, it's the law!
@silver moon :3: It's funny to me that it wasn't mentioned beforehand! That might've just been poor planning on the Erin's part, haha.

And thank you! I like how everyone has their own interpretation of the cats designs and whatnot. That's one of my favorite parts of the fandom!

And yes they are!
I've never successfully drawn a cat that looks pregnant before, so hopefully I managed to do that this time ;v;
All of the kits in Frostfur's litter! I never really realized that these four were related lol.....or, how CLOSELY they were related, given that they were apprenticed at different times and all in the following books :oc Also funny how they're rarely mentioned by name in the first book, if at all.....wild!
You can't tell me Frostfur DOESN'T have blue in her fur I refuse to believe it >:3c
Willowpelt's design is a little different from the book here! Did you know that Redtail and Spottedleaf are her brother and sister? I thought it'd be more fitting for her to be a dilute tortoiseshell and have a few markings to show that, rather than be a solid gray when her siblings...aren't that, haha.

Willowpelt also marks the last warrior for Thunderclan! Onto the Queens and kits next! <3
Obligatory dark colored mean cat >:3c
Fun fact, the colors of his markings (except for his eyes) are the same as Mousefur's! I like to add little details like that between siblings hehe :3c
Named after a mouse = obviously smaller in size. One of the smallest warriors in the clan at the moment, if not THE smallest! (My headcanon obviously lol...)
I always really liked Whitestorm....he's such a cool warrior :3c