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Hello all~

I'm Nikki, but I prefer to go by the name Evil! I'm a third Year Animation Student in college right now, working toward my BFA in 3D Animation.

I love drawing, comics especially, and hope to continue drawing them for years to come, personal projects or not. I would LOVE to have a job drawing comics, but I would much prefer to work in the animation industry.

I draw cats, pokemon, and animals, mostly. I'm learning to draw humans but I'm not 100% confident in my abilities.

I'm VERY inconsistent with updating comics and whatnot due to my school schedule being very busy, and giving me little free time for myself. I do want to continue them, but please be patient and give me time. It's stressful all around.

You can find more of my art on my Deviantart account:
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It's completely understandable to want or need to end a story, because it isn't fulfilling in the way you need it to be, or you just don't have the drive for it anymore, or whatever. I completely understand that, and I'm sure a lot of other readers do as well. Do what's best for you <3

While I'm sad to see the comic ending, I respect your decision and I wish you well in future endeavors - I'll gladly follow whatever else you have to give, if you plan on posting anymore here or if you have any other sites where you're active.

If you don't mind me asking, will we ever be able to read a breakdown/summary of the rest of the story anywhere, or is this the true end of it all here?
You guys are so sweet <3
So I haven't really responded to anybody's message from the last page, but I've read them all and I just have to say that I really do love you guys ;v; You're so nice and understanding and I'm so,,emotional and happy aa,,,

I really do wanna continue the story, and I LOVE getting feedback and making readers happy, but like I said, this project is more for myself than anything...but I post it cuz I love y'all too ;v;

I'm not promising weekly updates or anything - I finished this page last weekend when I'd worked on the last page. Actually, I have almost the rest of chapter 4 done (only 4 pages left - can y'all believe that?) because they were all drawn last hopefully when chapter 5 rolls around, there will be some massive improvement. One thing I'm gonna work real hard in is having the backgrounds be less...empty....hopefully ^^;

Also! I mentioned opening commissions and whatnot in my last update, and I do still plan on doing that. I haven't been able to make a commission info sheet, but as of right now I do have a loose idea on prices if anybody would be interested. So far what I'm thinking is something like;

Lineart $5
Colored $7
Colored + simple background $10
Colored + Complex background $15
Additional Characters $2 - $5 each (depending on how detailed character is)

They're pretty low, mostly because they're half the price I want them to be - I guess more of a 50% off sale since I'm just starting up right now. I'm open to taking commissions right now, even before I have things worked out fully because the prices are pretty set in stone....mostly I just have to put some examples together onto a sheet with my paypal info and whatnot lol.

Anywho! That's all for now. I'll upload the next page when I can....and thank you guys for sticking around for so long. I know I've said it...many times already, but it really means a lot for y'all to still be here, and to be so understanding of what's going on with me ;v; <3 <3
@ScienceGamer01: Actually this page had a Purrloin on it for a while, but I went back and changed it to a Glameow to fix a move error. So technically they aren't wrong!
Long time no see, huh?
So, I have some things to discuss with y'all that is important.

To make a long story short, I posted an update on Deviantart not too terribly long ago talking about how I didn't think I was gonna finish the comic/continue it any further from here...the comic was getting to be too much of a stress factor to deal with on top of school, and felt more like an obligation than a hobby.

Now with that being said, I've been feeling very nostalgic for pokemon lately, and for this comic, and wanted to work on it again out of nowhere a few days ago. Hence, this page.

I don't want to make any big promises, but I do really love the story, and coming back to it reminded me of how much I love working on the comic when I do it for ME, not for all of the fans. It's fun drawing pokemon, and I really do miss the comic isn't going anywhere as of right now. I'll say that much. But I don't know or think I'll be too terribly consistent with updates, because as it is I'm working on it for myself and not for you guys. It is MY project after all.

With that out of the way, I've been playing around with the idea of opening some cheap pokemon (or warrior cat) commissions here soon, because I'm broke and want money lol. Would anybody be interested in that? I don't know prices as it is now, but I'm thinking they'd probably be somewhere around the $5 - $25 range (depending on how detailed the pictures are of course.)

I want to open a low tier patreon (like, $1) so people can see some exclusives for the comic and stuff, but like I said, since updates aren't set in stone or anything right now, I don't wanna do that. It wouldn't be fair to have people paying me monthly (even if it was just $1) for almost NO content for a while, yaknow?

Either way. Enjoy the page, thank you for sticking around with me for so long, and I really do hope I can work on the comic consistently again. <3
@shinyumbreon888: I'm alive, relatively speaking ;v; college is kicking my butt but I'm still here <3
@Apeiceofpie: All I'll say for now is to expect something relatively soon.

(By that I mean, I may or may not be coloring the next page as I speak...)
@Ima Fishtick: Not dead, just super busy with college ;v;

I guess technically dead in a sense, but..not dead. I fully intend to continue the comic when I'm not struggling with school work ;v;
@Silvertheumbreon: The way you phrased that makes me think you think it'd be bad if they WERE in fact gay...which I would HOPE is not what you mean? ;3c
@Silvermoon: Huh, that's strange....I don't know why that might be happening. Are you using a computer to read the comic, or a phone/ipad/etc?

Either way, Hopefully soon (no promises >w<; ) there will be....a rather BIG update coming, which will include reuploads of certain pages. I can try reuploading the pages and see if that fixes the issue?

Again no promises of when that'll happen. College and work keep me busy, haha. Thank you for reading the comic either way, and I hope the problem will be fixed for you soon <3
Don't worry! <3
@Syvi: New update will be out soon! Just been a bit busy lately hehe <3
Early Upload! <3
The buffer is taking a tad longer to get together than I had first hoped, so I figured I'd go ahead and upload the next page for you guys so the wait isn't TOO unbearable ;3c

I don't have much to say about this page, aside from the fact that I really love Leo haha!! He's so blunt.

Shadow AKA Lucky belongs to Luckoon on DA
Leo belongs to Kimberwick on DA
@Nyancatlover21: I....don't know what you mean? I mean, I only post pages one at a time as I finish them, I don't have the entire comic finished to post it all haha!

And this comic is on a hiatus at the moment unfortunately while I work on other things, but I do plan on coming back to it somewhat soon, time willing~
@Guest: Well if you want to get technical, I did draw MLP art for quite a while, so it's understandable that my style of drawing ponies resembles that. But is that such a bad thing?
EoH is Back! <3
MMMMMWHY HELLO EVERYBODY~!! Did you miss me? :3c

I apologize for the long wait for the next page. My first year of school was a lot harder than I had thought it would be and making any art was...difficult. Protip kiddos, don't work 40 hours and go to school for 15/16 credit hours a week! You'll die!!

So! About updates! This page here is to tell you guys that EoH is back up and running! The next update will take quite a bit of time - I'm going to finish drawing out this chapter to get a buffer going, and then start uploading on a schedule. I hope you understand! The next pages should come hopefully soon, I'm excited to get back into the drawing swing~ The next few pages are already almost done so the schedule will hopefully pick up within a week or so! But I'm making no promises <3

Now for this page. We have another new cameo!! The lovely Leo the Luxray (who is hard to draw I'm sorry if it looks awkward forgive me </3) belongs to Kimberwick on Deviantart!! See that gold band around his neck?? And around Lucky's neck?? They're wedding bands :3c they're a lovely couple don't you guys think? <3

I want to thank you guys for sticking around with me through this long hiatus. I didn't intend for it, and I hope to god next year won't be as bad (I definitely won't be working 40 hours next year or I'll quit if they try to make me, I can't handle that) and I can continue updating. I'm going to try to get a good buffer going so that if I don't have time to draw, I can still update. That's my hope.

Again thank you guys and stay tuned! EoH is back! <3

Lucky Belongs to Luckoon on DA
Leo Belongs to Kimberwick on DA
@DewottAlex: Trust me, I want to work on this just as much as everybody wants new pages, haha! I'm trying to finish up my first year of college first (finals week is in progress now, yikes...) and hopefully when I'm done, after I take a few breather days to get some very much needed rest, I'm gonna get back into making pages. Stay tuned! <3
@stormygamer: As much as I would like to continue the comic right now, I have to focus on school at the moment. The next couple pages are sketched out so when I do have time I should be able to pump em out kinda fast....but as of right now the hiatus will continue for an indefinite amount of time.

As things are going now it might not continue until summer, I've got....a lot on my plate haha....
@Aura flame: Is it just the latest page here, or ALL pages? If it's all pages what browser are you using? it might be some kind of error/problem with the display of my...theme (is that the word?) or somethin. I'm not sure I'm not tech savvy or anything I'm just trying to offer some help, haha
@stormygamer: Hi there :) Just popping in to let you know that the comic isn't dead! I've just been super busy with school and work, pulling 40 hours of work and 16 credit hours of school is...not easy, let me tell you.

@LavenderLeaf: I can't really say actually! Hopefully, IDEALLY soon, but I've fallen behind in a few classes and need to focus on that. I've been wanting to work on it for a while tho, so hopefully that will be some good motivation to get stuff done so I can draw!
@falloutcoyote: Hello and thank you for the concern! I do have a new tablet pen, so we're all good there - the delay now is due to my first semester of college being a bit more than I thought it'd be :'D (It doesn't help that I'm now working 40 hours a week on top of my 15 credit hours...yikes....)

I appreciate the thought, but as of right now the problem is ^^; I have been trying to work on the next page, which I hope to get to soon, but in the meantime I've been working on animation projects for school, haha...

With any luck I'll have a page out somewhat soon, but if that doesn't happen then it'll have to wait until Thanksgiving Break (Which I..highly doubt. I've been anxious to work on the next page for EVER and as soon as I get the free time it's going to happen haha.)
@Pichu90: *she. I'm a girl~

And I did make them up! I'll get the entire song out eventually, I want to create a page full of things like the entire folklore story, the song, other popular myths and stories, etc. Not sure when, but I plan to.

Also on the subject of what you said earlier, seeing an animated version of my comic would be awesome, but I'm not sure what you meant by profits? I make no profit with the comic, and don't plan to make any profits with it (excluding commissions and possible patreon rewards in the future).

Another note, as glad as I am that you and the anon (shotgun Chuck) enjoy my comic, I want to ask if the both of you could tone down the unrelated comments a bit. I get notifications for every comment y'all post, and-not to be rude- it is getting a tad annoying, what with the random thought posted by them earlier. (Since they have no account i have no way of replying to them and guaranteeing they'll see Im hoping they'll see it next time they visit the comic.)

Thank you~ <3