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Hello all~

I'm Nikki, but I prefer to go by the name Evil! I'm a Third Year College student going for my BFA in Illustration, with the hopes of becoming a comic artist/book illustrator.

I mostly focus on drawing cats and pokemon, but I also draw humans from time to time as well. Most of my comics and stories focus on the former two however.

I'm VERY inconsistent with updating comics and whatnot due to my school/work schedule being very busy, and giving me little free time for myself. I do want to continue them, but please be patient and give me time. It's stressful all around.

You can find more of my art on my Deviantart account:
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Ooh I love that background!
I'm so in love with this comic already, I can't wait for more!
@Shotgun Chuck: That's totally okay! The idea I had was to give patreons access to all of what I said, but then to eventually release patreon exclusive stuff after a bit of time. That way people aren't missing anything, and so the patreon is just a way to support me if people can/would like to. Nothing lost from not being able to!
Patreon Question
This question is brought to you by another character update, this time of the Guildmasters in the new comic! This is very rough draft of them so I apologize for the messy lines, haha.

But really, I wanted to ask you guys a question! For the upcoming comic, would you guys be interested in a patreon to help support me? This would include gaining access to special features such as earlier comic page releases, concept art, side stories for other characters, maybe a commission tier, etc? I've never done patreon before hah, but I guess I wanted to get an interest check and all whether it'd be feasible to do.

Anywho. Thanks all, love you guys ♡

(I'm also doing this update from mobile so sorry if there's any typos or anything wiznsnxnxnsn)
Of course! I can't wait to see where this story goes 'v'
I really like your style, it's so cute, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the comic!

As for improvements, I'd recommend more background detail maybe? The backgrounds are a little bland and flat to look at. Something to work on and improve on while the story progresses! (I still struggle with backgrounds too haha, they take lots of work.)
I am so in love with this comic already. I absolutely adore the art style and characters and the lore so far and I'm excited for more!
@PokeMash: Aw thank you! Haha, I guess I maybe misunderstood your first comment about his design then haha, my bad!
@PokeMash: these are the old pages for the comic, haha. The designs for him and the other characters I've been uploading were updates, because I wanna revamp the comic at some point, haha.
@Shotgun Chuck: oh no worries at all! I wasn't entirely sure if it would come across while she wasn't colored anyways, haha. :)
@Shotgun Chuck: Winona is a Quilava yes, and Phoebe is an eevee! She's just a bit more stylized and has some extra markings (such as the one on her eye and front paw) for some story purposes~ ;3

She'll resemble an eevee more once she's colored, haha!
@comercole: Yes! Phoebe is the main character (aka the human turned pokemon) and Winona is her partner. :)

Funny enough, I've had these characters made for a LONG time now, haha. I'm glad to finally have a chance to flesh things out and make something of them and make a story involving them.
@LKWayvern: Of course! I plan to do some updates over here on EoH as I get closer to starting, haha, but it still may be a while before I start making the comic, heh.
An update of sorts
(First and foremost sorry if the formatting or anything here is weird haha, I'm trying to update from mobile.)

Hey all :3 so, this isn't an EoH update or anything like that, heh, so sorry if this let's some people down. I have a lot of fans of this comic so I figured it'd be worthwhile to give an update of sorts over here. put it simply, I have another PMD STORY in the works. One that I'm already MUCH happier with than EoH, and much more excited for.

It's still in the beginning stages of work so I'm not gonna promise anything soon.....maybe in 2020 I can get the ball rolling, but for the time being, maybe it could be something for y'all to look forward to. I know I'm looking forward to it. ♡

So, anyways, these are the main characters, Phoebe and Winona....I don't want to give too terribly much away, so all I have for now are these rough doodles, haha.

Anywho, that's all I've got to show for now. Thanks a bunch everyone ♡
@Warriors rule: Hi! What do you mean? Use my designs in your own drawings? Feel free to do that, just credit me for the designs!
I based his looks off of a tuxedo cat, hehe. I thought it'd fit with the whole black and white patched look :3c
Sorry for the delay!
I'm just now finishing up my finals week in school haha, so I'll have more time to draw cats and my comic and the like. Sorry for the brief break there in the middle of it all <3
@jaketheflareon231: I use photoshop cs6 to draw my comics!
@jaketheflareon231: Oh man haha, this story is LONG dead and I don't think it'll be picked up again by any of us. So there won't be any more characters made for it, sorry to say ;v;
There's a lotta grandpas in Thunderclan lol