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Trying to go back to normal paneling. The only reason why my panels are usually arranged vertically is because I hail from the land of tumblr and it felt more convenient to post comics that way. If this page ends up looking weird I'll change it. probably.

edit: oh wow. it's sticking out weirdly. Imma try to fix that whenever I'm not lazy.
Tsun tsun dere der--maybe not.

I usually ignore the typos I make in the comic so far but I might actually change this strip later cos the type hierarchy in the last panel bugs me ahaha...

I changed the last panel and now the composition bugs me. I guess I'll just leave it like that.
All it needs is a little pitchfork, amirite?

The original had this silly transformation sequence which I decided to cut out since I felt it was too much.

For the record, Hammy's really not serious here.
Siput Babi
February 8th, 2012
Ahhhh the colouring style is so cute >u< +1 fav
This is kind of a really late question to be asking yourself if you've known a man for 15 years.
Finally, the last of the introductions. Yes, Hammy is short for Hamilton. Before anyone says 'iseewhatyoudidthar', it was a complete coincidence. I swear.
You know how people lie in their beds at night and contemplate life? Louis does that too while wondering if his son is brain damaged.

Thanks for the favs and stuff. I'm still pretty new to this place so I don't know what I'm doing most of the time haha