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I currently work as a cake decorator at a local super market. I love the decorating, but not so much where I work. I'd love to open my own bakery someday.

I also enjoy pretty much any other type of creative hobby. I make jewelry, I sculpt, I draw (though I suck at drawing people), I write, I sing, I sew a little. Basically, if it's considered "artsy," I've attempted it at least once (except knitting. I just don't like the look of knitted things). I just enjoy making things the way I want them, rather than buying something that came from someone else's imagination.

And of course I'm obsessed with anime and manga/manhwa, mostly yaoi (like you couldn't already tell that from my faved comics). My husband is also an otaku, and we go to our local convention every year. He's also a big gamer and wants to design them someday. I game a little, but I mostly play games like Professor Layton, Rhythm Heaven, and other thinking type games. I do endure the fighting of Kingdom Hearts (often using cheats) just for the story. I mean come on, what self respecting fujoshi can ignore AkuRoku?

So I guess that's me at this point in my life. Who knows what I'll be into come tomorrow.
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November 24th, 2018
Hmm, this page made me realize something. Is the string more like a visable force, I guess you could say? Cause other wise, how could they get dressed. I've seen plenty of sitcoms and cartoons where people were handcuffed together. Besides the cliche 'one of us has to go to the bathroom' bit, being tied to someone else introduces some challenging situations.
My husband and I have 2 twins pushed together cause we like different firmnesses and our 3 year old daughter sleeps in the crack between them.
February 15th, 2018
Howie, why do you have to make this so hard?! Also, why do you have to put Sooch in such a difficult situation? ;P
Just noticed that no one has two visible eyes at a time on this whole page.
We always hurt the ones we love?
Lucky's face says it all. O.o
I hadn't read this comic for about 15 pages. I got caught up and it's a cliffhanger. Curses!
Hmm, not sure if ghost or just clumsy.
Hmm... what eats bunnies? Foxes? Or is the new student a carrot? o.O
Gotta make sure that what Kaidou'll be coming home to is fresh in his mind.
Ha! Called it! Good job Naomi. It was probably hard, but it was the smart thing to do.
Hopefully she's feeling down 'cause she dumped that jerk of a boyfriend.
Hey! My friend just got her bachelor's and she got a job as a fifth grade teacher. I always thought that might be something I'd like to do, but now that I'm a cake decorator, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.
Whoops. Now he's got the blood of three on his hands. Anyone else squeeing a little bit over Oliver touching Lucky's chest?
Happy birthday! I turn the dreaded three-oh next year. Hope you have a great day.
I was thinking Aki and Ryuuta could just switch again, but that would mean Aki would have to learn how to deal with Ryuuta's business.
*thinks about previous post* Oh don't worry Aki. Ryuuta will keep you company. XD
@Azure Shade: Your comment made my imagination run wild. Something along the lines of they all go to a hot spring. Ryuuta gets drunk. Etc., etc... lol
Lol, twincest? Narcissism?
@Crimson Chains: Yeah. I mean, I didn't grow up on the streets and my husband isn't a body guard (I don't think anyway XD), but otherwise, I swear you spy on us for inspiration for this story. The way Aki didn't think he was good enough for Kaidou. The way Kaidou seems pretty confident in their relationship, but still gets jealous sometimes. Or how Aki let's others take advantage of his kindness sometimes and needs to be told that he can say no if he wants. I'd have to go reread the story for more examples, but yeah. And I can usually guess how Aki's gonna handle a situation, 'cause he does what I'd do. If it were me dealing with Hisawa, I'd probably realize he has a crush on me, 'cause I'm good at reading people and I'd be flattered, but it would end there. I probably wouldn't even bring it up. Just continue to treat him like a friend, 'cause hey, maybe I'm wrong about his crush anyway. And if he did bring it up, I'd tell him that I was flattered, but that I'm happy with my husband. I'll have to wait and see how the situation plays out with Aki. Actually, I was wondering if you were using yourself or some friends as a reference just because it's so close to the way my husband and I interact. Maybe we have some sort of mind link and when you sleep at night, you dream about my life and then use it in your story. o.o lol