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I like cats, videogames, and drawing.
And girls. Maybe a little too much. Anyways! I draw comics just like mostly everybody here, but also program videogames and recently, I'm trying to write a short novel. Too much stuff?
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    Raúl Martí­nez Garrido
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Still off
Hi! Just wanted to say I'm still alive.
Computer's still broken and I don't have a lot of free time...
Time I've been using to continue on another smaller project that's finished already (more details soon) and to draw a tiny bit.
I have a lot of stuff in mind for the next couple of episodes, but as for today, I still don't know when I'll be able to continue them.
That's all for now, cheers!
C'mon, Lynn. Laughting at him in this situation is cruel in... various ways.
Rawr indeed. Lynn's such a cutie xD
@kennelofdog: EVERYBODY wants bacon!
Yes, it's Batman Robotnik. We knew it all along.
So what does he want?
Ruby is getting closer and closer to being a jerk rather than just snarky... I hope this arc ends with her learning to respect the little fella a bit more ^^U
June 20th, 2013
Big one!
Woah. That was a tough one. The last panel took me as much as a whole strip by its own. And I even simplified the hands (which I shouldn't D: )!
Well anyway, summer's here, so maybe I'll do some kind of summer special thingy (maybe)!
the mmo panorama
So... I decided yesterday to look for some new mmorpg to play with a friend. Two hours later I came to the conclusion that there's nothing like that. In the past trhee years, the free mmorpg lists almost haven't changed! How's that possible? Well to be fair, some did update, but they're full of mobas (Already play LoL, not getting into another one) or lineage 2 clones (with shinier and skimpier metal bikinis on their bustier girls). So... yeah. I'll be waiting for phantasy star online 2.
June 13th, 2013
Two things about this strip!
1) I had to actually do research for that word. Yep. Googled 'old timmey talk' and eventually found a list of words and expressions.
2) The style difference actually shows a bit more when 3 out ot 4 panels are not chibi.

Also, this took me longer than usual to finish, but I'm kind of happy with the result! (except for Emeby's left hand in the second panel)
Laught, but I'm building a battle sage at ragnarok online right now. My weapon of choice is 'giant encyclopedia'. It's not even a weird build! XD
Mini-style polish
Hi y'all!
You'll notice a small (very very very small), subtle (freackin' subtle) change in the drawing style.
I adjusted my tablet pen pressure options and added a simple kawaii sparkly white thing on the eyes. And cutted down the chibi thing a little bit, too.
What do you think about the change? is it even noticeable?
Tol' cha!
Hi y'all!
I'm getting some free time now, which is awesome since I've been out of it for a while!
Not much else to say YET. Hope you like this strip!
I know that wouldn't make any sense, but something's telling me she's coming along with him XD
I know, I know
Yeah, I'm making like one strip per two weeks lately. However exam season is over, so hopefully I can ramp the pace up again!
Hi! I'm still really busy, exams start just about tomorrow, so it took me a while to finish this. Also, my dumb half started drawing the next strip instead of this one, so at least I already have the sketch for that one done. Cheers n' stuff!
@ShinyHoundoom229: That's a good one! High five, bro!
@GabrielsThoughts: I think the same thing, unlike laws, the real effects of alcohol don't change the moment you turn 21 (or 18 here). Funny thing is that I was more of a drinker before being legally permitted to drink than after. I don't even drink now ^^U
@corruption: Maybe for someone who just wants to kill everybody, a lady capable of killing him is the kinkiest thing. Who knows?
Hi! Sorry about the delay! The 'tuesday and thursday' schedule that I've been unofficially implementing the past couple of months will be replaced by a 'whenever the duck I can' for a while... ^^U
I'll still be uploading, just in a chaotic order.