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From : France
Addiction : chocolate & to make graphic-novels. <3
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What happened between p50 and p51. :P
@Reiu Shanra: thank you ^^
@Reiu Shanra: like I said before, for the book the complete text is corrected by a professionnal (my own english is too bad). ^_^
Harfang is completed but now I’m working on pages corrections (drawing, or storytelling).
Here a sample with the page #40

And the colors are for the printed book :)
November 6th, 2013
You can order at my shop :
@AshFisher: sure !
February 25th, 2013
@Mangochi: Yes :D
February 25th, 2013
@LadyArrowsmith: Thank you ^v^
Illustration for the cover of the first book of Harfang.
Complete story : in 2 books
Content of each book : 64 pages in full colors, and a sketchs/illustrations section.

I don't now when the first book will be available for preorder (in french and in english). I slowly work on it... Perhaps at the beginning of 2013. ^_^;
Lynette wishes you an Happy Halloween. :D
@blu-orange: thank you ^^
@Aravis: sure ! XD
@Kat: Thank you ^_^
April 14th, 2012
@Tallinn: Oui c'est bien ça. ^__^
@crazylupus: Thank you ! ^__^
@vdtitian: Thank you !
For the moment, I was able to update each week. *cross fingers*
@cilegio: Thank you for your help ! ^_^
March 27th, 2012
@LillyJM: Thank you !
I love comics, I prefer doing comic than illustration in fact. But my comic works was only for professionnal french publishing-houses until now.
With this webcomic, I can have fun with light story. ^__^
March 26th, 2012
@Connwear: Thank you so much for your comment ! ^__^
March 26th, 2012
And for the 10th page, I have updated the #1 chapter cover with colored one !