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EDIT: For those reading Cloud 69. Sorry, I had to delete it because they looked to young (I kinda fail at making people look their age ^_^; ) and because comics only focused on smut are not allowed on smackjeeves. Just thought I'd explain.

At the moment I am only planning to post my homestuck comics here : D
for my other art visit my deviantart page~ or my tumblr
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@sala218: aw thank you! love his hoodie tail too XD
@Sym69l: hi! thank you for liking! Yes I will work on this again, probably after the Homestuck Shipping Olympics are over so somewhere near the end of next month I think.
@Sym69l: thank you! It's not really as you think. XD It's just that you can invoke a submissive reflex by pressing down near the base so you'd go limp for a while.
@Andrea C.Castro: thank you! I may look into it soon^^
@klessis: ..yes. they did.XDD they will mention that eventually..xD
page 14
Another page done that was a lot of work. Colouring so many people always takes seemingly forever for me.. Have a lot of talking Sollux xD
John is such a blue spot among the black clothed trolls XD

Hope you like!
@BLARGeue: uhm thanks.. *slowly backs away slightly scared*
@Novanto: it begins there I'd say..XD
Still a while until he directly tells john though and make him sad;_;
@YaoiGirl09: Homestuck is a webcomic with flash elements (and random game elements sometimes) on
It's a bit tedious to get past the first half of act 1 because you totally don't notice that it's going to have an epic confusing story later on.. Most of the characters in this comic I draw appear in much later acts. John is the first main character you get to know but it's also a long while until he gets his wind powers and those blue clothes..XD
@Asj: thank you! oh no i didn't know I will keep it in mind but not sure if I want to use it.XD
page 13
I didn't manage to finish this page yesterday anymore since it was a lot of work.. Managed to do so today though :D! I'm really happy with how it turned out. John is just the most huggable thing.xD
@Tataki: haha xD thank you! I've always wanted to try drawing an animated comic one day. And seeing homestuck made me revive that idea. So I did. It's a ton of work since I have to coordinate all of the panels on one page but I love it :D
@Txesare: It doesn't really matter since here they sometimes switch clothes. So long sleeved and short sleeved versions of their shirts. Except karkat. He doesn't wear short sleeves ever.XD
@PSA: well if you have questions I might be able to answer. If they are not questions that take forever to explain because some things are pretty confusing and complicated in homestuck.xD
page 12
Still in every 2 week update schedule which makes me happy.

The others make an entrance! Yeah there are other humans and trolls in this besides just Karkat and John.
I have no idea if people are reading this who don't know homestuck..
But just to be save I'll put their names here.. in the bottom panel from left to right:
Jade Harley, Dave Strider, Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope, Kanaya Maryam and Sollux Captor.
@Love&Anime: thank you! The next page will be up this weekend. I'm trying to draw a page per week (but alternating between this comic and another) so there should be an update every 2 weeks.
@:o: oh no ;A; good that you told me because I had accidently erased it from my dropbox (to which I linked this) on a cleaning up spree.. It should work again now :D
@Asj: you'll get to see that on page 13 :D and yes it will be fun xDat least for me.xD for john maybe not so much.XD