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I want to have a virtual reality game so bad D: And be from the morph class, too!!!
I love Bradley's and Simon's relationship. Simon usually acts all tough, but he rides piggy back on his stepdad. >u<
I love Yin in the first and second panel :D
The lab stories seem awesome! One day, if its not too much, can you make a series about the missions and stuff? :D
@IcelavaDokiDoki: Excuse me...just read next page...nevermind.
"Don't you think its weird you know? Two guys dating?"... ):< I dunt like you...
He just breaking up with him all nonchalant an' everythang...did I use that word correctly...nochalant...?
The first panel is so cute ;DDD I love how simon's in the middle, and the other two are holding onto his hands
D'aww Simon looks like a little penguin up on the table like that.