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Hey there!

I'm a friendly guy who loves comics, and also loves writing comics. I believe in the spiritual aspect of arts.

I'm an arts student so I'm used to giving feedback- don't worry, I always try to encourage and help people improve so I don't give harsh criticism! ;)

Some other of my interests include history, folklore and rock music.

If you wanna chat you can find me on skype @donmrlobi! Or if you're curious about my art my deviantart account is @ruu-the-dasher!
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    Ruu, the dasher
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Wow, el tipo toro sabe hechizos. Parece que será una batalla genial *____*
Buena página, ¡se ve genial!
Woooh, qué genial se ve Nikole. ¡Ahora sí la pelea va en serio! :D
Vaya, hasta que pude ponerme al día con este cómic. Hmm, ¡me pregunto qué onda con este tren...! Parece misterioso :D
Love the first panel! Pretty bridge and the clouds look neat.
Congrats on reaching 50 pages! :D

So anyway. I'm guessing Fred's a mobster who wants to be a movie director or something like that?
Haha, everyone seems to be rooting for Fred and Eva. XD
Me pregunto si Nikole va a luchar, va a tratar de hacerle entrar en razón, o ambas XD
Es un sirviente de Aegon... Se ve temible.
Awesome page, looks beautiful.
I love the grainy textures in your comics, they look neat. Great page! Konstanze's expression on the second panel is so cute :3
So Xellis is in love with Ixal. It makes me wonder why he's become so bitter...
Another new character. She looks beautiful.
"I'll remember this, I Swear!"? Sounds almost like a threat to me. XD
Dammit, mr. King! You keep on delaying these much needed explanations! >___<
Hahaha, Dirsta doesn't learn. XD
Hahaha, these two are so different I wouldn't be surprised if they were in love with each other XD
They both look awesome. Your character designs are neat, man. :)
Lowel's my favorite character so far. His personality's simmilar to mine! :)