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I'm old. I'm not handsome, not skinny, not smart.
Generally people are likable ... as a concept, but you really need to take them one at a time, and as they are. Study them, learn what is good about them. Forgive their evil, if you can. Stick to your morals. If you don't have any, find some that work. Broken Morals is a pathetic thing.
Smart women fascinate me.
Balance is achieved by realizing that just because you're right -- Doesn't make me wrong.
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I admit it
I admit it, I'm intrigued, I'd like to know more about these guys, I'm curious about there society.
Hurrray for updates!
Moving to a country where you don't speak the language, and all the clothes are in sizes you don't understand, it's just so easy to interpret everything as an attack on you -- or humour at your expense. Rory seems to have a joy in being there that keeps him from getting too angry about it. I imagine this is what home-schooled kids get in a public school for the first time.
life is uncertain - have dessert first
Life is uncertain, and then you die. Beat life to the punch and eat dessert- first, and then do good work. Work hard, and live each day full. Otherwise you end up with a half wasted life, and no "body" to spend it on. Being a ghost must suck.
this is such an amazingly beautiful comic, Kudos to you for your creative and beautiful work... such wonderful art.
Free as in Free
I think you ought to look into GIMP to see that it is NOT a viable alternative to photoshop. I'm So impressed with you Muro, that I had to try it out meself. Wow, the smoke brush is Am-Azing! Just the hammer, eh? Get gimp, try it, and then you can discard it as NOT a solution, unless you like it in which case, Bob's yer Uncle!
Oh, noes, Photochop
Have you considered G.I.M.P.? It's free for PC.s and Mac's, and is very usable, although all the features are in a different place than you want them. But you can move most stuff around.
February 29th, 2012
Not good, use possitive reenforcement
Looks like somebody's gonna get a whuppin'. I'll bet that stick isn't rough side friendly. I like the variety of aliens.