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Fynx Mirideon
My name is Alyssa, and that's all you need to know. I don't care about anything anymore.
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    Alyssa munoz
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haha sexiness and cuteness intensifies
lots of trolls going about i believe. I heard some other comics are getting the same shit
@Tuxie: considering the town is now full of bodies of rotting corpses the smell is rather horrid, but like undertakers will tell you, eventually those who are exposed to such smells do in fact become used to them and do not notice them after the nose has had so long to adjust. it's why they don't smell it during autopsies.
@ZHODY the delfinator: nope she not, I just point out she isn't cause lots of people think she is until they see her original design. But I'm glad you think she could be a cool character I this
@ZHODY the delfinator: lol well she isn't human and her tail is behind her but she won't be much of a character I don't think aside from a pop up, but she is my cute bundle of stardust and fire.
Oh she's so pretty! My baby looking human is so cute, great job milky! Great page btw, your angles and details are great
I was so excited when I saw you put up a patreon
I can see how it's worth it. Fucking give me
pfft. throw a book, that always works, and it gives brain damage. two birds one stone
He's going to drop in seconds. Babe your binding
Oh that's not gonna feel to pleasant here in a second
Because calling your mother by her first name is a definite way to get yourself killed
I kind of had the same face when the janitor was erasing the board.
Dear never be sorry for this kind of thing, ever. Comments like these that people are giving are rude, uncalled form and all around just unwanted. You work hard on what you like but people are to spoiled to think about what you like and instead of being patient think badgering the comic maker will be better.

It's fucking not. I liked this story and I never minded waiting for updates if they came at all, in quite like your other comic too, it's nice. You choose what you would like to do, if the comic goes then so be it.

I hope this doesn't happen again to you in the future huh, this isn't fair to you or anyone who works hard on their stuff.
@Glow Cloud (almighty): it's hysteria. It's smiling of both relief and the realization he's just stabbed somebody and chances are he's going to quickly digress and panic
I'm going to give you a surprise in about a month or somethingo or so. Just a
I am enjoying this story so far
Do he got a booty?

Damn straight he's got a booty
Fynx Mirideon
February 23rd, 2014
@Roshier: Lol, I scare my parents with what I can do with my spine and it's quite funny. I've always been so bendy and it's actually very easy to learn to contort so long as you stretch plenty and push yourself a little more every day. but be sure to know your limits. If i ever post pics of what i can do i'll link you my tumblr to see them if you'd like:D
Fynx Mirideon
February 21st, 2014
Such flexibility, It's so much fun to be able to contort, trust me on that XD