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ohhh~i love him!
OMG~he's too cute!!!XD (let his keep the bunnies)
this page is so lovely!
you should making a storybook, since it's sooo amazing! :D
October 22nd, 2012
aww~i really love your comic!!XD
you have your own style~
September 6th, 2012
waaa~finally an updated!!!
interesting comic!keep it up~
i love your comic! the art was so interesting!XD
i really love this!!^^
@Andrea C.Castro:it's mean expel^^
he take miyako to the room then he dispel her~what kind of guy is that??0.0
hiwatari!! i found you!^^
owhhh~i luv it!!
your characters have identity them self ^^~ i love how you draw them XD
what kind of face~haha^^
that man eye scared me~
you have awesome art!0.0
bad guy!!0.0
they're cute couple!XD
haha~this is really intersting! she don't know that boy is her love rival~^^