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Hello. My name is Jessica. You can call me Jess, Len, or Elder.

I am strictly a writer. I cannot draw to save my life. That said, if you are in need of a writer for your story, you can message me and I will be more than happy to help you with your story.

I have yet to help anyone out with a webcomic/manga story, nor has an artist asked to draw out my stories as a webcomic/manga.

If you'd like to read my stories that I have written, you can find them at the following:

My deviantart account holds most of my stories. Wattpad has two stories, and fanfiction so far only has one. Feel free to visit, follow, watch, and fav my stuff if you want.

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I'M ALIVE!!! (for now)
...I hope this comic comes back. I've been away for a while, but I'm back, now. Don't know for how long, but I miss this comic so I hope it continues, again, soon.
Like always, can't wait for more.^^
I don't trust this guy... *Folds her arms over her chest as she glares at Honoi* ...Something bad's going to happen and I can't wait to find out what it is.XD
Well, to a point, Zeus does keep his promise to Gaia. The promise was only referring to the Giants (Hecatoncheires) and the Cyclopses, for they were the only ones imprisoned in Tartarus after Cronus became the next ruler. No where in Gaia's and Zeus's promise did she say that he had to keep the Titans free. It is because of the Titan Wars that follow shortly after Zeus frees his brothers and sisters from inside Cronus's stomach that the Titan's (except one) are imprisoned in Tartarus. Because all of the Titans, except for Atlas, fights alongside Cronus in the Titan Wars. And therefore, their punishment is to be imprisoned in Tartarus.

@ Myriads of Blue: The reason Zeus is the next ruler is because Gaia tells a prophecy that is of Zeus being the next ruler. Even if Hades is the older sibling, it is because Zeus was the leader in the Titan Wars and was the one who saved him and the others from Cronus that they all step down and let Zeus become the ruler. Because Gaia had prophesied Zeus to be the next ruler. And Hades, nor any of his other older siblings, objected to this because Zeus saved them from Cronus, as well as led them in the war between them and the Titans who fought against them.

I don't know how you intend to have this story pan out, Zelda, but I can tell you one thing: you had me hooked the moment I red page 1 of "My Seasons".=3 Can't wait to read more.XD
I still like the page even if the scanner didn't take to kindly to it.^^

@Shannonismyname: Everyone deserves to be forgiven for the things they have done if they are truly sorry for the things they did. But it's still undecided on whether she actually WANTS to marry the guy or not. Enchantma still has yet to actually reveal if she'll have those two characters actually go through the marriage arrangement.
Where is the next set of comics.QwQ It's been so long...TT^TT
O///.///O GAIA IS SO PRETTY~!X3 I love the detail on her. And it's definitely a good thing that Zeus knows who she is. I would be rolling in laughter if he didn't.XD
That doesn't look like a "ha-ha" sarcastic side...O.o
BWAAAAAAAAHHHHH~!!!! More cliff hangers!XD

(Yay, I'm the first to post.=P)

...Oh well.^^ You gotta do what you gotta do. Go out and get your life all worked out. Once your ducks are all in order, you will be able to find the inspiration to be able to continue the comic.

I love the story. And I love your artwork.;] Be sure to come back and finish this once you get everything worked out, okay?
Hey, I wasn't that sick in my questions, was I?*Pouts* I thought my questions were quite reasonable.

...Oh well.^^ If my questions were "sick", you'll just have to deal with it, Katsu.XD
BWAAAAAHHHHH!!! SUSPENSE!XD SO EVIL!!!! (...But that's what makes people come back to read more because they WANT to know what happens next.XD)
WOOT! Majesty is back!XD I was beginning to wonder what happened.O.o Oh well. At least it's back.^^

Kino needs to tell her about their betrothal. Even if she gets pissed at him for whatever reasons you can dish out, she deserves to know about it.=P (Something I learned in my journalist class back in high school: DRAMA SELLS! The more there is on drama, the more people seem to want to read about it. Just a hint I thought I'd throw at you.^^ Do whatever you want. I'll still read it because I love the story.XD)
You just LOVE leaving us in suspense.XD Please hurry for the next page.^^ I'm starting to cry silently inside because you haven't updated in a while...TT_TT
@Lady Darkrina: That's cool.^^ I've never really been able to capture any type of shiny Pokemon, before, except the Red Gyarados that you can capture within the storyline of Silver, Gold, Crystal, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. That's about all that I could get when it came to shiny Pokemon. ...I know I wanted to capture a pink Butterfree, once. But I could never find one.

But for my Master Ball obtaining, I just kept restarting my Ruby version and I'd transfer a Pokemon holding the Master Ball I'd get to Heart Gold. As well as transfering the Legendary Pokemon I couldn't capture in Heart Gold, but still obtained in other games to Heart Gold. In the older games, Especially Crystal, I glitched or cheated to get more Master Balls. Then, once I got into the newer generations of the games, I just kinda fell out of the glitching and the cheating. Especially since the glitches didn't work for the newer games, and I didn't have a gameshark of my own to be able to cheat. I always stole my brother's when it came to the older games. I only found the duplication glitch on the original Silver, Gold and Crystal versions...
@Lady Darkrina: If you capture all of your legendaries in Master Balls, then you're cheating.=P Either that, or you're restarting another Pokemon game that is compatible with the one you're playing to get all the Master Balls you'd need to capture every legendary you'd be coming across. Because the game only gives you one.

I was able to capture a legendary in an Ultra Ball without having to attack it, at all. It was a legendary in Pokemon White, and it was a type that would flee the moment you'd do anything; attack it or not, it'd run away. So eventually I just got fed up, bought a whole bunch of Ultra Balls, and just started throwing them at the legendary Pokemon. It took a few tries, of course, but I was shocked when I caught the Pokemon that way.

Still, there are some people who will look down on you if you cheat to get what you want in a game. They wouldn't look down on you if you got them legitimately from another game and then transfered them over to the game that you were catching the legendaries in. (Though, Pokemon White and Black doesn't really let you do it that way... The only way you CAN get more Master Balls in that game was if you cheated.) I wouldn't look down on you if you cheated. I'll admit that I have in two Pokemon games. I'm just saying that other, more hard core gamers, will. Though, you shouldn't be too worried about it. After all, it's all on how each one of us enjoys playing the game, right?^^

@Talon: You should hurry up and update this story.=P I really like it and you just kind of left it hanging at this part.XD So I hope that you are able to get the time to work on this comic, soon. Because I'm excited to read more.=P
Awesome story. I loved every minute of it.^^ Though...I would have liked to see the story continue, but I am satisfied with the ending.=3 The story is great. Thanks for sharing this with me and all the others who not only have read it, but for those who will read it in the future.^^ (I'm sure they'd agree with me on that statement.XD)
Since you told me to post on any page, I'm going to post here, next.XD (That and your post only showed up on the page before actually entering the web comic, so I couldn't do an actual "reply" to your comment you left in response to mine.) HURRY UP AND FINISH THE NEXT COMIC STRIPS YOU'LL BE UPLOADING!!XD The suspense is killing me.x.x
Okay, just finished. Took me three days, but I was finally able to reach where you have left off. ............HURRY UP AND PUT MORE COMICS UP!!!XD The suspense is killing me!x.x

...Also, the reason why your hand might be hurting so much is because you're drawing so often that you're starting to develop tendinitis. I have it in my right wrist because of how much I write and type my stories on my personal computer and in notebooks. It could be what's happening to you because of how often you are drawing.
Okay. Now that I have finished catching up to where you have now left off, I am ready to give you my opinion. (And don't worry, I'm not going to spoil the story for anyone who is going to be just starting to read Majesty in the future.) I just wanted to say that I love the story idea. I think it's great. And to be honest, I did notice that the artwork wasn't your best, but it was still fine. The art change-up did not make me want to stop reading the comic, nor did it make me want to delete the comic from my favorites list. I enjoy the comic because the STORYLINE is amazing. As long as the story is great, I don't care if the artwork for the comic is awesome or shit-faced nasty-looking. It's the story that counts, in my opinion. And I personally enjoy your story idea for Majesty. SO HURRY UP AND GET MORE PAGES IN SO THAT WAY I CAN READ MORE!!XD Because I really want to continue reading the story.