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some of the blocking (do theater terms apply to web comics? idk) during the conversation are off. jojo and nina are looking the wrong way at one point in the conversation when they are supposed to be talking to each other. also, i believe you meant "i'm sure you've had those kinds of moments, no?"
other than these small issues it's another well done and well written page. keep doing what you're doing. :P
i actually think the messy hair is cute though...
you usually produce gold material, so if the precess takes a little while, it's cool.
the kid who said his pokemon was a gift from his dad was the kid north of jubilife with a magikarp. it's sad that i know that, but then again that's a pretty hilariously pathetic gift. what did that kid have to do to make his dad hate him so much?
and that is why you never assume you can survive bide. it sucks, i know. Patrat's and Pachirsu's are evil in the early parts of their respective games because of bide.
I am in fact a regular reader. I havent been reading for very long, but i look forward to every strip you put out. and about 85-90% of the time im left satisfied.
lol, "You do ow me a favor..."
What favor exactly? ;)
it would have been funnier for Burgh to say something like "You better be damn grateful i caught you before you fell on a rock... or worse, dirty your hair!
either way, love the comic, i'm on my third time reading it!
a little awkward
i'm a little pissed that you came up with an idea very similar to mine in that for my pokemon black nuzlocke none of the side chars can understand the mons. i'm just hoping that it doesnt build up to the same climax mine will, or things are gonna get VERY awkward. great minds think alike i guess.