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It's Jexima! From Deviantart, Tumblr, The Nuzlocke forums, etc. This is where I will be uploading my comics exclusively!
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Sorry I've been away for a while, guys! I'll try to set up constant updates from now on!!
I'm thinking... Monday, Wednesday, Friday...
Does that work for you?
I also started an original comic, which I will be posting about here shortly. If you would check it out, I'd be very happy! -->

and as usual, if you don't want to wait for Clare's Story to update here, you can read it in full at
It's definitely a derogative term, and doesn't really imply any scientific accuracy. Gijinka share the same amount of DNA with humans that they do with pokemon.
@DaWubber: This is a great question! And it will hopefully be answered in comic, but not for quite some time! In Clare's world, there are both pokemon and gijinka, and both are able to battle, yes.
Remember, if you prefer to read the strips all at once, they're available on my Deviantart as well:
@BushidoFox: Sorry for the super late reply; Yes! Gijinka can and do evolve!

Though I am a fan of Fruits Basket, any relationship to that series is completely unintentional!
Idk. Maybe I'll slow down. Maybe I won't.
Well yeah
How's this? More coming soon!
Next time, only one update. I promise
The next update will be a portion of the first strip. Maybe I am just being a noob about this. Compressing the files, and shortening them kind of makes me feel like there's a lot to these... Heh...
Really had to get through the prologue
...the God-awful prologue. I'm sorry, looking back at this makes me want to re do it.
compression file issues: what.
Sucky art sucks, but so do compression rules.
Hello all!
So Clare's Story has been running for nearly a year already! If you are a new reader, then I should have you know that this comic is a gijinka nuzlocke.
Gijinka: Anthro versions of non-human creatures/organisms. In this case, Pokemon.
Nuzlocke: A challenging take on traditional Pokemon games. There are always two rules: 1. If a pokemon faints, it is considered dead. 2. Only the first pokemon on each route may be caught.

My specifics for this run are:
1. If a pokemon faints, it's dead.

2. Only one pokemon can be caught per route.

3. Nickname EVERYTHING.

4. Potions are only allowed during event battles(Gary, gyms, elite 4)

5. No duplicates. A dupe may be avoided only ONCE, after that, you're out of luck.

6. Legendaries may be caught, but can not be used in battle.

7. If Clare dies, the run is over. :O

Have fun reading!