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Well I'm just a high schooler whose been drawing for her whole life. I have a DeviantArt account. I love writing short stories and is currently progressing on a novel (whom I'm hope to soon publish). I'm so excited about creating comics and sharing it with people. :)
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I've been calculating this for many months now, and I've finally come to the perfect conclusion.........

Aki is definitely a screamer.
I thought Kazu was gonna be like..
"Im disappointed..
What the Hell..
"To me, you're nothing more than a foul monster"
That being said as I tenderly stroke your cheek and am a few inches from your face.
Yer not fooling anyone, Sano.
@Dokidokibaka: ahh hahaha. I like this. You get internetz.
I.. I see that speech bubble getting lower and lower with each panel.
Is no on going to squeal over Hisawa's cute little blush of the ears?? He's so adorable! I hope him and Natsu become super close friends <3
Oh no oh no oh no..
I can't handle the amount of stress!
This guy is giving me weirdo vibes and I'm just like.. Wijkjdggaunfsmfirncadml..
Oh my goodness, gravy..
But.. But.. I have to push forward!
Hiro, don't you get hurt on me!
I.. I don't want to be the bearer of bad news.
But dogs and dragons aren't very compatible with each other according to zodiacs..
My mum and dad were a dragon and dog, respectfully, and split when I was 2.

But anyway! That doesn't exists here! Aki and Kaidou will always be compatible!
Friggin finally man.. Friggin finally.
I was going back to a couple of chapters to read and I noticed that your artwork has improved 1000 fold.
I'm impressed by not only your artwork, but your characters' development in your other stores as well!
Gah! I sound like some kind of mother!
Good job, child of mine lol
Lol dat Hiro face doe >;3
Ahhhhh! They're so cute, I just wanna eat them!! <3
Until you found what?!
*breathing intensifies*
No, Taisuke, don't think that! Shield yo eyes!
*covers his eyes*
I really had wished my future was true.
They saw his lunch and they got the wrong guy. ;u;
Even though the boss did say that he burnt down the building as a warning, I think he meant when he was little.
But I'm not so sure about that... ;u;
I bet it was just his lunch.
And Aria is like.. "Oh shit. We got the wrong guy."
I thought his name was Carmel.. ;u;
I know your description says your adventures about this crush you had, but..
Do you still like him?
Are you two still talking?

I just read it again and saw in high school.
Well yeah.
Should've broke that bitch's wrist. -.-
@JigokuNeko: it happens. I hope you had a good holidays and new years! (Although the story is getting a little depressing ^-^;)