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I like anime/manga and I love to draw. I also love wierd meta-science stuff like Hollow Earth, Ley Lines Psionics(psychic powers for the lay man).
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September 24th, 2014
@Deonis: "If" there is no "if" about it. He will.
September 16th, 2014
@Guest: No, I got the joke. It was obvious.
September 16th, 2014
@Guest: You have to remember that Dungeon monsters are not true biological entities, so they won't have complete anatomy.
@bluswordgrl: What flavor popcorn?
Reminds me of Chrona.
Finesse classes, we kick ass.
Can there be shadow magi?
@ShadowCluster: No point my ass! It showcases a new and adorable Dungeon Kin! Also, it sets up the format for the tourni.
Bram: reading Make-out Paradise even though it doesn't exist in his world.
Dude, I love Briar, I can't decide which I love more. Fia or Briar.
@castillao: I'm not even a program, but I get that feeling a lot. It's mostly random access cause and effect stuff though.
@Yoruno: Some of us think the term 'pirate' is derogatory. I prefer viking.
Railroad: Gnomes have built an elementally driven spanning the cosmos, and thy need you to be on the maiden voyage to ensure its safe. Clearly it won't be. I mean, they're fucking gnomes. "Does it do what it is supposed to?" "No." "Does it blow up?" "No." "Is it supposed to blow up?" "No." "SUCCESS!"
I like this joke, and i like that you are using her a little more.
If you have not seen the series, like my brother, you might actually like it, like my brother.
I ran the Tomb of Horrors as a one shot... my group broke it.
Beat the game, watched the movie.
I have season one of the cartoon on dvd.