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Manga,anime,books,drawing and stuff
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    Momo the great lololol
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Oh hey look is madame president well this is awkward considering the fact you've ruined a lot of reputations. Hope your happy!
U done for pi time to fire up the resume!!
I can't believe i'm saying this but I hope cake girl be all right, mostly because the bigger antagonist is president douche lady
The force is strong with this ship!
The ship has now sailed >u<7
The lemon heads are the best ;u;
*sobs on the floor* I missed Petunia!! Assistant ain't looking well but they look fine for now.
Sanders save her!!! and Jock just stay out of the way...
Just as this is going on we can hear Eren Yeager yelling "TITAN!!!!!!" in the background. Was not expecting it's head to be a cake.
What a plot twist!!!! :o In any case a jocks emotion meme would be hilarious! Darn it jock this is all your fault.

Edit: le gasp!! I am...First comment!?!?!?!?!? :D
Indeed such a cutie PIE >w<
Omg I haven't commented in a while. Glad you updated!!! *gives you many hugs and kisses* Sanders is so cute in this page <3 also might I recommend making the many faces of Jock meme ;)
He's trying to make his hair more beautiful by braiding it!!! GAAAHH STOP THAT KAWAINESS!!! *FLIPS TABLE*
September 3rd, 2013
I can now see why someone cursed craft to be a girl.
@Animangalover: oh my goodness that was the best re-make for the soft kitty song I have ever read XD
Omg you remind me of my older sister when she moved out to her own apartment. When I would visit her she was always like "check it I actually made my dinner and fixed my bed! Ha am I badass or what!" Ahh you have real great artwork and you are always making me laugh.
I'm having so many feelings right now!!! I feel like I can't hate Mikal as much as I want to, like somehow he's just as confused and hurt as Sacha. It's true Sacha chose to stay and that impacted Mikal with mixed feelings :( (woot Nsfw again!!)

Edit: also comment virginity!!!! >:D
Hopefully Jock can reflect on what he did! The poor baby ;-; (then again he does deserve it as he almost killed Payton. Tsk tsk ) glad to see an update!! I was missing sanders and jock
nooooo don't burn the box!!! nuuuuu it's got precious memories and what not. My secret box is in my secret place ewe