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Abel: Good. I'm glad we're on the same page.

Atty:...can I have one of those? It's been a weird day for me and I'm out.
Bit obvious, but...
This is our 'we're officially on hiatus' post.

A lot has gone on in both our lives for a while and Nikku's just told me he wants to revamp the old pages and change Azure's character a little; he's the artist and Azure's his character so I have no problem with it.

Also, he promises some neat chapter covers (assuming I can replicate that awsomeness).

I'm expecting new pages quite soon, so we should be back on track within the new year :)
What's this?

Nikku and I have been through some personal stuff and neither of us have been feeling very creative; this may change in the near future but either way, we haven't given up on this.

The second panel looked really plain for something so cute, so I added a stars material; and in my fiddling I figured out how to change the sizes of materials. No more tiled skies! \o/
I'm so damn tired
that it took four attempts to upload this before I realised it was the wrong file -.-

I'm going to the shame corner.
I hate the materials on MS; they never fit right T.T

Also, I'm taking a break over the holidays, so next page will be due probably the 2nd week of Jan :)

Merry xmas and all that.
Aw Yeah!
New bow <3

Characters have gone through design and equipment changes since the prologue; so, for the sake of continuity...that bow has always been that bow, ok?
You didn't answer that, Azure.
Made it on time...ish...

Been a busy week and I somehow managed to do this page while feeling terrible, like...puke my guts up terrible.

Angry John is angry.
Lil Jooooohn
Why so grumpy?

Next page might be late...We'll see, I might rush to get it done if I can.
In Photoshop!

Nikku admitted he couldn't draw buildings - so have a picture of Dean Clough, where the Manga club lives.
Spot the happy dragon
It's cute.
Another Friday
Another page.

Food is more important to Robin than rushing to escape the patrols.

I don't blame her, that's a tasty looking burger.

Ah! Perfect pages are perfect; mine never look right.
Easy Page?
Not really, If you saw the draft page ;_;

It's over and done with. See you next week.
It's been a busy week for me; sick pets, travelling to London and back - ugh.

I didn't have time to do this over the week so I started it yesterday and finished it today.

Next one should be on friday.
I B buttoned my ex once; he'd spent about a half an hour trying to level up one of his pokemon and I decided to be cruel xD
It's hard to tell if Robin is too trusting or just a good judge of character; John, on the other had, trusts no one and leaves all that Robin.
At this point, I am either sleeping or suffering through some sort of team building crap.

This is too much effort for funding.

Anyway...not sure if I like this page or not...I didn't quite come out how I imagined but...'s done now.

Til next week!
September 21st, 2012
Here we go!
Now doesn't that look neat! <3

To Stop an Empire is now available in a mini novel form on Amazon for kindle! How EPIC is that?

Next update should come a lot faster because we're going down south next Friday and I'm not sure of the net connection (please let there be a net connection...)

Till next time ^.^