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In every autobiographical comic, there's the obligatory "I am sick" comic, about how you are sick. This is one of those comics, because I am sick.

Most people today probably have a modern, electronic thermometer. Well not my silly caveman family! Throughout my life we always used this exact mercury thermometer.

For those who don't know, after using a mercury thermometer, you need to shake it to drop the level on it down so it could be used again later... Well my mom showed me how to do it a thousand times, and I always failed.

My wrist hurts now. This is probably how frustrated teenage boys feel.
Oh my I was at holiday camp when this page came out. Thanks for the cameo, Gib!

My eyes are hazel, though. But it's awesome nonetheless. :3

I've previusly felt like they made me strange and different, but this discovery made me realize that they make me special.
So there's this Russian saying that goes "You cannot catch your breath before you die", and FUCK I desperately needed some breath yesterday.

See, they told me about the interview a few days before it, and SHIT I was so nervous. See, this is a really fancy month-long educational program in Boston, and I'm applying to their Social Entrepreneurship course, which means knowing A LOT OF STUFF. LIKE, a lot of really cool stuff about equality, social justice, and programs, projects and organizations that do those stuff... Which I know, but writing everything down, remembering it, and knowing how to talk about it to make it look like I'm the most awesome person in the world for knowing those stuff... That's a wholly different thing entirely.

I was going to talk about Scarleteen, Planned Parenthood,, etc etc, but the same day, right after the interview was postponed, I remembered so many awesome stuff that I bet NOBODY who applied to the same course knows about!

Like Katawa Shoujo, which is a Visual Novel made entirely for free and tells us about disabled people, or the works of female artists who strive for gender equality in the comic book industry like Kate Leth or Megan Rose Gedris, or Elena "Yamino" Barbarich's work-in-progress "Nightingale", which is a superhero comic book about disabilities, or Erika Moen and how her comics have sexually educated teenagers all over the world...

I love comics. I just love love love comics.
So as much as I like being proud of being a walking blob of fat and stretch marks, I have to say that gyms are a pretty awesome thing.

Still, cycle machines are a bitch. If you value your taint, try the strider instead. It's like sex for your muscles.

It's magical.
Upon tasting this heavenly nectar, my mother declared that we must buy every single bottle of it.

It was delicious.
3 3 3 3
I like all butts and I cannot lie.

Some of my classmates can't handle a little well-intentioned immaturity.
This is one of the exaggerated comics again. It's actually a marvel how pharmacy clerks give absolutely NO SHITS about what you're buying. It's so weird, since the people who worked there that day were two old ladies talking about cats, and a girl, who, judging by her ethnicity, probably came from a culture where contraception is something a woman shouldn't touch EVER.

I swear, you can tell a pharmacologist that you pissed yourself on the way here, and she'll just be "meh".

Either way...

Happy V-day for everyone out there! Hope you all had a good shag. Just remember: no glove, no love!
And so I was!
I don't wear skirts often, for several reasons I think many girls can relate to. I do like wearing them in the summer, since it's really nice and breezy, but after 15 minutes walking at 30 degrees C your legs get all sweaty and rub against each other so your thighs eventually end up burning like the Devil's ass. For the same reason, I suggest not to wear tight high heels during hot summer days, unless you really hate your feet. Or you really love your shoes.

Winter is a completely different thing though. IT'S FUCKING COLD. As I mentioned before, I don't tolerate cold weather as well as my Slavic friends do, and wearing a skirt during winter for me means I can pretty much ditch the idea of having healthy biological offspring. That is, until I had the sudden unbeatable urge to wear a skirt. To clarify, it's around -18 degrees here, which is just cold enough so you're still able to breathe, so I had to seriously grow some balls before going with it (heh).

And it's not that bad. Had to pull on a pair of thick tights and wear leggings over it, and then I took out a pair of tiny shorts at the last minute. They're seriously tacky compared to the rest of my ensemble, but nobody's going to see them, so whatevs.

I have to say with confidence that four layers of clothes do a very good job at protecting your precius cooch from the elements.
So then I drew this with a pen.

I swear, the moment I decide to get an autobiographical comic, SO MANY INTERESTING STUFF HAPPEN. And I chose to talk about mechanical pencils instead! I'll never be able to share the cool stuff now!

Although I guess that's what Twitter is for.
Beautiful silhouettes.

Also, d'aww, is Wiley praying before the performance? That's just cute.
So it's like -16C out there.
I find it comical how in the first comic I'm criminally underdressed, and in the one after that I'm ridiculously overdressed.

Needless to say, it's still cold, even when I dress up like that. I'm just a Southern person, okay?!

I can't wait for spring when I'll be able to wear slightly less warmer clothes.
February 7th, 2012
Um ya.
Not entirely based on a true story. I DO have a penchant for waking up criminally late, however, thankfully, I never dreamed I had a one-night stand with a clown, nor did I ever have a one-night stand with a clown.

However, when I woke up this morning I realized that my panicky reaction to seeing the clock is probably more panicky than the reaction to seeing a complete stranger in your bed. And thus this strip was born.

Oh, and I drew it in school. Yeah.