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this is the worst reaction to a pun i have ever seen
sorry for long update breaks, i am but a humble birb not good with computer
@'Ryn: I understand where you're coming from, but "they" singular is often the easiest option for NB/agender people to ask other people to use, especially as many native English speakers already use the singular they in casual conversation subconsciously.
While n, z and x pronouns make things much less confusing regarding grammar, until we live in a world which accepts gender outside of the binary then they're going to be pretty impractical outside of LGBTQIA spaces.
However, I do agree with you. Using the singular they is a writing challenge and you really have to get creative to keep things clear sometimes! :)
here we go here we gO here we fucking go

also is it bad i find this song really listenable??? i need to find a way to feature it canonically idk i'm a parody of myself
ahhhh im sorry
that feel when you sit down to draw and you end up just sitting there like ahhhh
i didn't realise how perfect this comic would be!!!

1) feminist interpretation of the "evil stepmother slash madonna/whore complex slash youth = beauty" trope
2) excellent colour schemes and good art and just.... the fancy flame effects and DAMN OKAY
3) compelling story telling

im going into conniptions this is too much
i had an old headmistress we called "chazza" once
shit was WILD
sorry for the slow
ahhhhh i went on holiday
and now im back hello friends
100 people like my comic and i think that's beautiful
so thank you
have some summer pals
(haneul is totally sunburnt)
to make up for it, there will be a NEW CHARACTER this saturday omg how exciting
have a midweek upd8
this was so strange and weird but short and sweet
10/10 very surreal with a compelling plot
i love it omg
btw guys you should really hover over these pages some time
wooooo new chapter!!!
i drew most of these next few pages while listening to the steven universe soundtrack yeeesssssss what a good show i love it
@crossstitch: no omg thank /you/ for reading my comic! haha
sorry for the lac of update last week
i tried but it didn;t happen
take this a little late
also happy birthday 2 me from friday
oh yeah i forgot this was a supernatural comic
fun fact: mr and mrs snappily dressed there are two OCs i once had a dream about
how they met and how they dated and got married and had some kids and got old and then one was left to tend the others garden and man it was sad as hell i cried when i woke up
it was intense

anyway here's a strip
updating is slow because i'm on holiday which conversely means i'm busier (what can i say i'm a popular fuckin little social butterfly)
they lied and went outside instead