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sorry fellas the punchline disappeared
at least our fuckin sexy protagonist is alive i guess we still have that yeah
he can't ever get a break
oh my god he's fukking dead i can't believe it.
he was such a well developed character.

(the comic isn't over though sorry)
February 3rd, 2014
he will never get the pusi
he's unstoppable
another day in the life of the king of fuk,
another stain on his criminal record
and so ends chapter one of the story of assboy ketchup. yes, i am using the chapter function now! "un-chaptered" is a silly thing to file my comics under. it begins with the letter u. that sounds like you. and i don't like you.

just kidding i love you guys

but anyway, the first chapter ends with a mysterious man in viridian forest. who is he, you may ask? could it be professor oak? misty, perhaps? possibly dwayne johnson? we will never know! at least, not until the next chapter.
hello! i got killed by a mexican which is why i haven't been as active, but i am back now.

i am going to at least try to update more, but it may be inconsistent for a while. had to switch over to photoshop for more tools, so now i can't rush out comics in paint like hotcakes all of the time. but yes, an update after nearly a year. here you go. you're welcome.

also, speaking of mexicans, we are going to meet one shortly in the comic. i'm not going to reveal who it is for you though. if i said it was brock it would ruin the surprise, yes?
missed a few days due to work. for now, updates will be inconsistent. will try to get a comic done at least once a week until i sort a fixed schedule.

SCARAMOUCHE FUN FACT: pikachu likes to discriminate against humans
no comic today. busy.
asshole katcherp and his merry pals will be stuck in suspended animation until tommorow when i am not busy and can make a comic.
trying out a new style of text by giving it an outline. with me actually using coloured backgrounds text gets harder to read, yes?

ash isn't wearing pants
pikachu may or may not be lying
SCARAMOUCHE FUN FACT: pikachu is able to rotate his head 360 degrees like an owl. it's a birth defect, and a pretty cool one at that.
not the best pokemon to start off with, eh?
what is the pokemon character in the behinds of the rock?! find out next time on this comic.

i am trying to keep to a daily schedule for this, but i may miss updates every now and then, due to my very very busy job in the underworld. you understand, yes? my slaves will have to work TWICE as hard to get this out every day.
hello! i am scaramouche, and this is my new comic series. i have hired thirty thousand mexican immigrants to script, draw and colour my comics in order to provide the sad people of the internet with some decent entertainment.

i do sincerely hope you enjoy. i worked hard to please you people.
my friend donut asked me to upload this because his modem was eaten by termites.
and so the three heros found a solution to there love problem. they date each other as a group. everybody wins, yes? my slaves worked overtime to get this masterpiece finished, so you must thank them very much.

howevere i have some bad news.

some of my slaves are on strike because i only pay them in shirt buttons. they are angered because i am not giving them paper and metal money instead. stupid, yes? well because of this i only have myself and a few slaves left to work on the comic. and i do not think that this comic will be able to be continued because so many workers have left the job. so this could be the end of the comic.

it was fun while it lasted and i had great times here but i am sorry to say that this could be the end.

bigest and best goodbyes, scaramouche van dreg
here is where things get seriously drama in the comic. my slaves did a good job on injecting drama into the strip, yes? here the dwargf is involed in a love trangle and he is trapped inside of it. my talent in writing and art is unmatched!

even if this comic is for private eyes and my colleges have stopped uploading, i will still make it my duty to continue this comic because that is what the scaramouche family have done for generations.
@Ceviana: tank you tank you. i sure show him yes? he come make fun on my comic, i kick his butt verbally speaking. nobody disrepsect scaramouche!