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No longer is on Smack Jeeves.

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    Chynna Alexandria Miller
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This comic is currently on Hiatus while I work on my current comic, Maho Shojo Robotto Daft Punk.

Also I am leaving Smack Jeeves.

When I begin to work on this comic again, some years into the future, information about it will be found here on deviantart:
to see the next comic, click here:

I am no longer updating the comic here on smackjeeves.

To continue reading, check every Wednesday and Saturday on deviant art:

and/or Tumblr!
@WarriorNun: I DONNO! Out of no where! D: Made skills he has with his "vanishing/appearing behind corners"
Along side with how adoooorable INK, and how terribly sad I feel for the little guy, your art is BRILLIANT and beautiful!
Oh noooooooooooo!!! D,,:
Oh my gosh. *hugs him*

Perhaps I should comment more. I really really love the art of this comic, it's just so fabulous! And so far I am just loving all of your characters. All of them, just so loveable!
August 15th, 2013
This comic has a wonderful fun artistic style to it! It's so unique! Great job!
...Well then.
He was asking for it.
@9kings: It's not. But he sure looks like him doesn't he?
@rhey: Nope, no swire on this page.
Ashton seriously need to run far away from all of those people.
Love this cover page 8D
@Lucario125: No. I am not a fan of that stuff.
@Gustamo: Now now, play nice with the other kids.
@Gustamo: I like his jokes, Pathetic or not. Don't mean so mean. :P