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I am a twenty four year old female, a lesbian, and I live in southern Florida for the time being.

Nothing much to say about myself, honestly enough. This is actually one of those usernames you make when you forget your password and or don't remember the email you were using when you created your user.
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    Awesome Sauce
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Maybe sorta might record this eventually... maybe...
Two years ago, I wrote this song. I didn't have the courage to record it the way I thought it as then, and I barely do now. I've been thinking of actually doing a recording of it (sans music because I don't really write the notes, but I know how it sounds in my head >.< ) recently, but I'm not sure. Hell, I'm not sure if anyone cares anymore. Still, a part of me wants to. You know? So... if anyone cares, should I?

Also, I still remember and love this comic even now, Joyce (if you read this). Thank you for giving me things to read and for choosing my lyrics back then. <3
Trying a new coloring method...

(and kind of a little lazy to color in the rest but shhhh)

I've seen something similar in other comics (READ: Nuzlockes I spend my time reading) so I wanted to try it out and see how it went. For now, I'm coloring eyes and hair, and when Pokemon come into the picture (they will soon, I promise) I'll probably be doing 1-2 colors for them as well. Simplifies things, ya know?

Anyway... I would like to hear your thoughts. :3
Sorry for the lateness of the page! With moving into my house, work, friends and the holidays, I've been short on time to get things drawn. I promise I'll start posting up on a schedule sometime soon. By the next post, I SHOULD have a timeline mapped out. At least, that's what I'm hoping. :3

In my defense, I HAVE been doodling random Hope art (as well as some spoiler-ific things can't I can't post anywhere), so if you want to see some random First Hope related things, please visit my DeviantArt. :3

Love you guys, and I hope that I'll be able to start this up with gusto. :D
I meant to put this up yesterday. Oh well. Lol Here's Hope's first Christmas comic, despite her not having her pokemon yet. Soon! I promise.
Sorry for no page in the past month! Between getting a job, the holidays, moving back into my house for the first time since the fire happened in June, AND being sick (the most recent issue), it's been a little hard to get myself together to finish this up. Nonetheless, since I was laying in bed for a while anyway (because of the sick), and the page had already been scanned between packing and work a few days prior, I decided to work on this- and got it done in a few hours. XD

That said... I'm going to attempt to draw out more pages as soon as life decides to slow down and or make me well again. Should be soon, I hope. :D

Also, Douchebag Gary appears! And he's trying really hard. Lol

*EDITED picture.
The art class I took never had male models, but I feel you bro. Seriously. o_o
My 20-30 year old friends are going to start a Pokemon tabletop rpg, so trust me- there are many 'old' people who are in love with the game, series, etc. ^_^

Yeah, I'm from America, but everyone looks at Pokemon like it's a kid thing no matter what country you're from. The strength in it is not caring what others say, and having fun beating the crap out of Gary fifty times at the league just because. :3
I admit that I rushed this a little. Since my tablet broke, I couldn't fill in a background or anything (which I rarely do anyway, since I'm not all that great with it), but I managed to do what I could with the line tool and the fill tool to color what I hadn't yet.

Until I can find a way to either fix my tablet, this might be the last page until after Christmas. If this changes, I'll be sure to make note of it. Otherwise, here's hoping that I can figure something out sooner.
I completely agree with Natalie in this moment, and Taiki DOES deserve someone better- someone who wouldn't cheat on her with the person they still care about, someone who would care only for Taiki rather than a memory.

The only downside of this is that we don't know for sure if Kimi was actually cheating on her with Jessi. Yes, Raine and Lil saw something at the mall, but we- the audience- didn't. It could very well be misleading, and could end up as a huge misunderstanding that creates bad feelings between two people because of it. I just know as being the person who misunderstood something far too many times, as well as the person who'd understood a situation, that sometimes it's better to ask straight up, or to go with your gut feeling about the person you're with. My ex cheated on me four times, and I never trusted my gut enough to break it off with her until she left me for the forth one.

Anyway... Kind of shipping Natalie and Taiki now... Although I'm still a big Nikki x Taiki shipper... I have too many ships for this ocean of feels. lol
I love you guys!!! You make me a very happy person, and you cause my inspiration to flow whenever I see another person has joined up onto the comic. :3 Thank you for making me feel wonderful with all my fangasming of your fan-clicking-thingy. XD


Sadly, my happiness has been a little off- only because I'm sure you're wondering why this is drawing and inked by hand versus on my software. The answer to that is honestly quite simple.

My tablet broke. TT-TT

So, until I can afford an actual tablet again, versus the growing debt I seem to be owing my mother and the various birthdays and convention that I will be attending in November, I don't know when the comic will be back in the running. If I get a working tablet for Christmas, then I will be a happy, skipping drawing person for the weeks following. Until then? Pray I get a new one. TT_TT

I'm sorry to make you interested in the story and then seem like I'm going to ditch! I promise I'm not. There's only one way to continue this, and that would be to do everything by hand- and while I don't mind, this is a longer process, and I'm not sure if any of you would even like my style drawing with pencils and pens versus the tablet. But, of course, that isn't for me to decide.

For those reading this, please tell me what you would prefer: a post every other week, drawn by hand, OR to wait until I get my tablet... which could be Christmas or even later than that.

Please comment. I'm sorry for the trouble.

But, again, just so you know... thank you thank you thank you for liking my comic enough to become a fan of it. I really, truly appreciate it, and I'll continue to work on story lines until then. Perhaps I'll actually write a script while we're all waiting for the next page, eh? :3
I made Hope!!

Use the link below to create your trainer. It's fun as hell. :3
Hope and Jove... They are more or less my main characters for this comic, as of this time. Jove, of course, is the Bulbasaur. You shall learn more about him, as well as his trainer Hope, later. :3
Thats friggin' adorable! I want a baby Kangaskhan now.
I hope this turned out as good as I think it did... :3


The end?
@ ELECTROCUTIONS: As awesome as that would be to collab, my house is kind of condemned right now. It caught on fire two days ago. :/ I was only allowed to take my game systems, the comp and one notebook- which I've been writing fanfiction in. It's been a rough week. We lost animals and almost everything in the house- except my room, and the computer. Go figure.

So yeah... Love Deaf having my song, and everyone singing it, has been the best part of my week so far. You have no idea.
@ Electrocutions:: Holy crap girl that is fucking awesome. You do the song justice.
So... I was going to record the song myself... But my house decided to burn down.
So... I've actually been debating on singing my version of the song. Even though I am throughly enjoying your guys' entirely. It is awesome. XD

And thank you for the comments(s) about how I should become a real songwriter. As much as I would love to, it is a VERY hard profession to get into.

But yeah... This whole thing makes me squee over and over again. X3