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Fallen Wings
I never knew myself and won't. I have a past but no past. I am always alone and always loved. I am ... fallen ...
Speed lines
are better this time around. I'm actually proud of my speed line X3

But this is a sad page ... at least the girl has a name now -_-. And SLAM! The door is close ...

Right the door is now a japanese door ... well if they have Japanese uniforms they might as well have japanese doors *shrugs*
Well yeah ^^; we might just have to be the worst updaters ^^;

And no it isn't crappy it is BRILLIANT!

And no. I am not doing all the pages. Stuff you mate.
Woah! A "Thief of the Kitchen"! This is really quite interesting ^^ Keep up the great work!
If it didn't take you so LOONNNGGG to make a page *cough* Months *cough* Then I wouldn't do one?
Speed lines
Over speed lines but who cares ^^;

Added invert-ness because I can X3

This was actually meant to be Bec's page so all evil glare at her *evil glare*
Fallen Wings
September 9th, 2008
Panel one ... is that Dr Horrible? ^^;
*you get kicked*

Lol it isn't awesome bec ^^; Yours will be more awesome X3
Crap much?

And yes those are really badly done Blood text effects! I congratulate myself on something so bad T-T

And a introduction for Kye. You may remember him from a really page page before hand. His friend was whispering to him.

Lol anyway I did two pages in a row and so now Bec is! YAY!

Lucky last page wasn't my style cause it sucked!

New banner too. Comments?
Oh yes it is a new page and layout X3

(Wins random comment of the year with the last statement in the comic)

Guys this isn't how I normally draw ...
See what happened was I tried to do shounen when I'm a shojo artist and ... well ... It went BAD ...

Anyway Guys check out the character section and listen to the music.

Comments on layout?
He he X3 Why thank you X3 But ... wait hey! IT'S WASN'T MEANT TO BE DIRTY T-T ....

I love your chibi too X3 Love love X3
Ha ha X3 Lol the arrow is the answer of it all X3
i didn't know she could hide her ears O_O Oh my a new talent then X3
Well he goes to say something then a motorcycle suddenly crashes through the window and a guy steals Pierre before he answers and drives off with him! O_O

Lol answer is surprise X3
Read them X3
OMG! THEY ARE SO AWESOME X3 All I can say is that maybe you should have made it a little bit more ... sexy by maybe characters *licking* other areas lol X3 But that is me X3
1. Give me a reason what makes you interested in reading these future pages Never Lasting Love?
I love your artwork and story. It interests me to see what you are cooking up there in your noggin X3
2. What would you desire to see for the future storyline of Never Lasting Love?
Smex scenes X3 No? Okay then maybe a fight scene or something lol X3
3. Which Never Lasting Love character do you like the most and why?
Pierre X3 HE is SO cute
Rack off! This is a load of horrible and you know it X3
First page?
WOOT! This is actually the first completed page I have ever done. So i pat myself on my back.

And before anyone thinks about it, he is not being dirty! *Eyes people off*

If you haven't read the description, this is a collab/done by two artists.
One is me and the other is Tragic_x.
Just call us Ash and Bec.

Also I need to make this site a more attractive design ... just wait a little while for it ^^;
OMG! THIS KICKS MINE! I have to upload mine too as well! *Dances around* YOURS IS THE MOST AWESOME! TOTALLY COOL I LOVE IT!
Omg! So cool X3 Blade and him are going to have such a fun time X3

He is really cute ^^