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Haha I love Hiro's reaction, he's not scared of what is to come, it just tickles XDD Oh and you're doing great Hiro, keep it up with squirming >8D Btw @amanduur, I got your book!! It's woooonderful, I feel so lucky to hold it Q__Q It's on the "treasure" shelf now >3 And thank you tons for the sketch of Takashi holding rope, it's perfect!! *screams endlessly*
That was such a romantic, caring smack XD Takashi forgot to snatch some rope on the way, (I'm sure no one would notice) Hiro won't be unconscious for too long, he can't miss such a chance~ 8D
@amanduur: I'd stare at his tooth/month all the time and didn't pay attention to his talking XD Did you? And thank you for coming back with updates!! <33 Can't wait for preorder info :'D
I liked the April Cinderella a lot :D It wasn't cliche (Cinderella was my fave chara XD) and the april joke-idea made it fun and interesting till the end :D
Your comic is wonderful!! <3 Love for the colors, characters and mystery~ Hope to see Jasper in the next chap, maybe even at the beginning :'D
Happy holidays to you too, and early Happy New Year :D
Not rushing and adding yourself more stress before Christmas is a good decision, there's always enough work to do before holidays anyway D: Thank you for creating and still working hard on Hemlock! I'm happy it'll be back on January :'D Rest well during holidays <3
Styl świetny! :D Początek już mi się podoba, nie mogę się doczekać aż dowiemy się coś więcej :)

Jedyne co mnie nieco irytuje to font, nie pasuje mi ani do dialogów ani do "boxów". Jest czytelny, ale nie jest w stylu tego komiksu.
I'm sorry drawings are so simple. I drew this to take a break from my 1st Zeki doujinshi (which is still in making) and wanted to make something I'll actually start and finish. It was also created as experiment (I wanted to check which way to make doujins I'll like better, traditional or digital). That's why you won't find any backgrounds, details, full-bodies etc.
I still hope you'll enjoy it, despite it simplicity <3
August 24th, 2012
Somehow I really love 1st panel x3 Thank you for 3 pages this week! <3
August 17th, 2012
Happy birthday! :D

And yay for lots of Sindri <3