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Moni Bolis
From Mexico
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Well, he seems like an ass.

And don't worry, I don't mind waiting.
It must be hard meeting the boyfriend.
I think she's going to get jeolous.
Best wishes to you
I hope you get better :D
That's a way to meet people.
I've been busy, but I just read the last 4 pages. Great stuff
What a great way to use the mirror, I really like this comic.
Ooooh I like the cover
Pues ya se les fue el dinero :D
I like how her life goes back to normal
Yo tambien me desmayaba
Vaya, colores! Le cambia el tono al comic. Pero supongo que es necesario por lo de Guy with the orange scarf.
It is a good line. I know what it feel like to have a line or a scene and working your way to that page :D
No le gusto el comentario por su reacción ;D
Oh, I think it's sad she feels that way.
Hey, I don't remember if you put in the story, but is this a real place?
I wonder if they can work together and keep whatever they're having aside.
Pue me gusta me recuerda a One Piece o Tri gun :D
Well, I think it's a tasteful page
Boy oh boy.
Part of my thinks yay! the other part thinks this is a mistake
I like it, very simple but the emotions are there