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Moni Bolis
From Mexico
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Brutal page!
These last couple of pages, really creepy.
Keep the good work
my new OTP
Awww, they are so nice to each other. I can't wait to see who they murder in a horrible way.
Love the coloring in this age with the aquarium and all.
Great stuff
Well, he seems like an ass.

And don't worry, I don't mind waiting.
An aquarium?
Fantastic page. I like it the symetry
Yay for murder!!!
It must be hard meeting the boyfriend.
I think she's going to get jeolous.
Best wishes to you
I hope you get better :D
That's a way to meet people.
Moni Bolis
January 12th, 2014
Yay episode 5! I want to see what's next for the creeps
I'm so happy they found each other, also I'm happy they're not real.
Taking off his shoes, it's just evil...Love it.
I've been busy, but I just read the last 4 pages. Great stuff
What a great way to use the mirror, I really like this comic.
Moni Bolis
November 27th, 2013
I like their banter :D
Moni Bolis
November 27th, 2013
@Tarwater: oh, I read cheese, but then I looked at it and I didn't seem right to me.
Here in my country, mozzarella snack aren't as popular.