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I love to Nuzlocke, but I have to get use to mouse/pad drawing. My current Nuz. is on a video, Pokemon Sapphire. I MAY sound young for my age.
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Mine is a Horse Riding Ribbon.

Oh wait. EW.
@GrovyleGoodbye125: The author is still here. Just don't exaggerate. We can hope for an update as much as we want!
I've never seen something so awesome! I had an idea like this once, but I decided not to do it~ I already love this comic.
Finally done, I was lazy yesterday. :/
@Frappecinno: I just noticed. Typo, it's not Horn Drill, I meant Horn Attack. Sorry, I'm such an idiot. XD
Another Long One~
Last one for tonight. I like this one, and the battle scene will be next~ Did ya like Richard's backstory? If you didn't understand, Gary forced Richard into attacking Skye, and if Gary found out he failed, Gary would kill Richard. Welp, tomorrow shall hold the Rival Battle!

EDIT- I realize now I had a typo, it's not Horn Drill, I meant Horn Attack, sorry bout that. :T
Long part!
Long part~ I get to do this every time! Yay~ MS Paint takes up a LOT less space. Yup.
Poor Quincy. Hey Petty, we updated our Nuzlocke comics on the same day! And I haven't updated in four months. Sorry about your loss. It's all got to happen to us sometime. I wish I could go to AnimeNEXT with you guys! I want those earrings! D:< Haha, I hope you notice my comment.
Okay, look.
@Nguyen56: You do realize he's doing military service for 3 years? You need to realize he won't be back for a while.
Weren't expecting this update, huh? I'm finally back, after 3 months, and I've got an IMPROVED drawing style! KJASIHRGL YEAAAH!
Er, hi.
@Nina, this may be painful, but, if someone on your team had to die, who would you choose.
Yay, a four panel~
I got it down without color to do a four panel~
Damnit again.
I told you this one would be colored! It takes up like, a billion KB to color, so I have to resize.
I'm sorry about no color, it takes up alot of space...
Lulz, Uncolored :D
I'm too lazy to color this one, and Gary is a douche.
No, I cannot make this any bigger unless I pay. Parts will be uploaded fast though.
Nice :D
I goddamn love your run! It's so creative! Continue with all your might~
Poor Gary. Locke had lost many, as Gary lost his Raticate. I'm sorry for your loss of Nadine, but, Gary deserves some sympathy that his grandfather favors you to him. His pokemon and grandfather are all he's got. Good luck on HG, Petty! ((No I'm not insulting you. Just incase you were thinking that. I would never want to insult you.))