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I do watercolors and ink drawings. Never done a comic before, but I thought I might as well try.
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*chuckles* Ah, the winter palace... I loved how Gaspard called Briala a rabbit while my dalish rogue inquisitor and all his murder toys were standing right next to him. Guy has a death wish, I tell you.
Happy Anniversary!
Wheeeee, virtual cake! My favorite!
Hm, wait a sec...
*checks calendar*
It's prune-and-anchovy flavored, isn't it?

Anyway, happy anniversary for you two and thanks from the bottom of my little heart for all the fun!
@zenat @Amare:
Gute Besserung! (get well soon!)
Oh, and I'd strongly recommend NOT visiting Anders' clinic for a cure, because apart from the little boy in the beginning, everybody in there seems to be either just hanging out in perfect health or lying dead under a sheet...
@zenat: *laughs* Glad I'm not the only one... I felt mightily stupid for taking so long to figure out what the "ruin my boots" comment meant.

Guess there's a "I want to strangle my companion mid-battle"-moment for each of them. Fenris for instance has a knack for going berserk and storming off on a wild goose chase in multi-leveled dungeons because his acute elven vision made out an enemy somewhere below.

P.S.: Shame on me for not commenting earlier... I have been following your comic for a few weeks now, and it brightens my Monday morning every time. Thank you so much, guys!
I have a similar gripe with Varric... not a bug, but he's pretty much useless as a trap detector. I mean, my rogue Hawke bellows "Trap!" at the top of their lungs as soon as there's something fishy on the ground, but Varric?

Varric: *mumble* nobody move *mumble* ... loud noises...
Hawke: What?
Varric: something something ... ruin my boots ... *mumble*
Hawke: WHAT?
Trap: *click*
Hawke: ARRRRGH! Not again!
February 10th, 2012
Solice is Peter's character from a fantasy Japan themed RP. I modeled him after a certain character from the Tekken series.
So, this is my first upload to the site. The watercolour is a bit old now, I made it for one of my friends. His nameless character from a fantasy Venice is an assassin and burglar, wearing a mask in public whenever possible.
Okay... just wanted to let you know I finally plucked up the courage to get myself an account. That's what the awesomeness of your comic did. ^^