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@VictorB , If I remember correctly, when Keno and Murphy are bored together, they go do their "shenanigans" in the bushes. I could be wrong, though.
sooooo cute!!! My cat Bonzai does this all the time lol
assbutt!! supernatural referece :)
Actually, the guy in the sky in the first panel looks like MegaMan, but it could be Iron Man. Or maybe just a random flying robot. Who knows, it could be McJefferstein in disguise.
@DrakeFeatherwing: there's also a chicken in the 3rd story window. lol
I see him! McJefferstein in the water fountain!! :D
I love the witch on the broomstick in the 2nd panel. idk who else noticed it before noticing bummy
Happy 10th birthday, Neko! Thank you, Gar for supplying us readers with an amazing comic strip, at least it's something to look forward to when I have a bad day.
Am I the only one who noticed the epicness that is the bottom of the chair? That green hand is cool.
All i can think of is Megaman. is that related?
lobster claw
ohhh i see it now. it's poinging the thingy.
Just step into my home-made abattoir.
the final poinging of the thingy.
Ouch. Right in the childhood.
"Oh mah gawd! Mr. Lucas! Will you sign my ass?" that's the only thing that popped in my head.
/)^3^(\ so cute!!!
This doesn't look like the cafeteria...
Don't kill poe! *sniffle* :'(