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November 27th, 2015
Don't be sorry.
I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Even more so since you feel you have to be "sorry" for it. BRING IT ON!

BTW I'm confused by his eyes. At first I thought they were facing two different directions, but I guess they're closed?
November 27th, 2015
*See last page*

Wish I had flipped before I typed that last comment now. YOU GO BOY! Please don't get yourself hurt.
November 27th, 2015
"Stop trying to escape" she says... that was funny.

As it's going though, I presume it'll get to the point that he /won't/ try to leave, but it would take a lot of trust and drugs to get /me/ to not try running.
November 27th, 2015
Agreed, thank you.
You don't know how much humans appreciate not being hurt by robots. Especially ones part of a movement to SCALP humans.
a list by KruegerKiss
1- I made a comment and it never showed up.
2- I stated I was glad that you're back to updating even though I may have missed any hiatus notices.
3- I rapped your knuckles for not giving your backing here enough time to back you on a different website.
4- I made a small connection with John about having his life saved in such a cold manner.

Fond memories
Fond memories of seven minutes in Heaven. Less fond memories of seven minutes in Hell.
Was confused
"Would you join 'meat club', Luna" is what I read. I sat there for a good minute thinking "Would they just go out and eat steaks all meeting or would they talk about steaks?"
And this is why we love you!

*edit* That smiley didn't come out the way I expected it to...
The first step...
This is the first step to robots taking over the moon! Apparently the moon colonists have never watched an Earth film, EVER. Or maybe they thought the rules were different on the moon. Welp, THEY WERE WRONG! DUN! DUN! DUNNNNN!
I think it looks more like, after he was shot, he looked own to figure out what happened. I don't think he exposed himself whether he was expecting it or not.
And a damn fine one it is!
I'd steal and claim it too. I actually do this to my mom and boyfriend all the time... It's like I'm collecting jackets...
@Kanelbulle: He no kick Dade. Kick seat.
Oh, I hope it's just that easy...
Say you're not afraid and suddenly what you fear is gone.
Here's hoping for you Dade!
Even as of now,
into the second book, this is still my favoritess cut. I shouldn't support cutting, but I kinda do...
OHH, Lord of the Rings....
I gots it...heh
That guy in back has really short legs and a really long back. Reminds me of Okami characters.
Look who has clothes on!
I saw this and thought:

It's like Dade was separated from himself and both pieces are broken. My heart goes out to him and her. i love them both so much. I just wanna help them! Gah!

Much so.
I caught up already...
Either way, as always, I enjoy your characters and the way you tell stories. I enjoyed the way Dade thinks and the way Grey was wise. I look forward to the rest of the comic.

Also, just noticed that Dade still has that long arm scar. That scar means a lot to me, especially since it lasted and the "gill" scars faded. do you plan on keeping the scar through the comic?