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I like drawing silly chibi people!
And I draw a comic about a boy named Cinna!! He is probably the best of the silly chibi people.

Anyway, I'm sure we can all be great friends! :)
Are you guys as excited as we are about cookies?
New story arc!
Double update! Go back to see the other page if you missed it. :3
Another double update this week! Be sure to read both pages.
@Taseli: This is true. Chloe is also standing right next to him. LOLOL
This is a double update! Go back a page to see the other strip!
This is a double update! Be sure to check out both strips!
Hi, all! Toast is currently livestreaming the next page being sketched! Go here to watch! And say hi!
Best wife wins all arguments ever.

@Naly- It is.
They are VERY HAPPILY married.

Also, you can check out the About section for character profiles now.

@JinxazuMarai-Oh shite indeed.
Candi is quite tall. James is also quite happily married.
Cinna needs an adult.
Hello! We're not so sure how the update schedule is going to be for the rest of the year, so if you want to send us some guest comics, feel free! Also, it's time for the winter 2014 raffle. Look here to see how to enter. We're giving away hoodies and stuff.
I need more than five hours of sleep before work, so you guys get an early update. This is our hundredth strip! Celebrate!

New readers, Kate first appeared here.

And we're into week two of our fall giveaway. Be sure to enter if you want some cool BOAC stuff.
Have an actual update! And don't forget to enter the raffle! Just go back a page to see where to go for that!
Give away
Sugar here! We're really super busy lately. Toast works nights and I'm in the process of getting my graduate degree/working days. We haven't forgotten you guys though or BOAC. Proof it's being worked on. So, in the meantime, I'm doing a giveaway! Read more about it on our DA mirror here: YAY FREE TOTE BAG AND PRINT
Oh, can she ever, Jimmy.
Candi could probably snap Cinna in half if she wanted.
WE LIVE. Sort of. Updates will be sporadic at best.
"And I will love them and squeeze them and they will be like my parents except not overseas!"
@supercerealoso- Yeahhh.
@Nalytia- Probably.