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I am a video gamer who enjoys Mario Party, Zelda, Pokemon, Okami, etc. I like to watch TV and movies. I wish my name were Link.
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It's going to be a LONG time before the comics are finished. It's too bad considering these are easier to read than the novel.
Here's a thought
If this were a movie, i see it becoming an Anime. (If you don't know what Anime is, that's what the Pokemon TV show is)
How long will the series be? It's already 4 online books, how much longer will the series go on???
I gotta admit...
She is foxy.
Don't fell bad.
I'll stay and listen to your History... speech... thing or whatever you want to call it. :)
Fav Char?
I wonder who everyone's favorite character is. ...and if you REALLY want to know mine, it's Eve. -__-
Here's a true story:
I was playing Pokemon Emerald today and wanted one of my Pokemon to NOT be Nicknamed after an Okami Brush God. -_-
I have a Vulpix on my team and remembered this comic. So i flew to Slateport, entered the name rater's house, and declared my Vulpix Proudly be Nicknamed Eve Cadrey. ...THAT'S NOT A WORD?!? ...Well it deserves to be.