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I am Arleccina~
I am an artist and a lover of anime and manga~!
I love hetalia, fullmoon wo sagashite, and yu-gi-oh~ (find me a more eclectic group of favorites and I'll give you a cookie)
I also am an actress and voice actress~ I do work for privately made visual novels~~

Please enjoy the show~
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Sorry for taking so long...
Since my grandmother died I haven't had much of a chance to get back to painting... but then I finished this and forgot to upload it .... oops... anyways, I'm halfway through the next page so that should help a little right?! XD
*sigh* this page...
This is my explanation about why she has the weird wings... they were later re-grafted on with the metal strips that are lying around the page...

By the way, when I started this painting (a week and a half ago), my grandmother went into the hospital, within a half-hour of finishing it, she was dead... RIP grandma...
Not too bad...
timing wise anyways... the next page is looking TOTALLY awesome though (it's so dark!!!) so it's all okay...

responses to comments~
Tokun: NOOO don't cancel straigtlaced!!! I'll work on it once I finally finish something so that I can build my confidence... I have none right now so just wait until I get some back... TT_TT
Page 2
X.X I was so busy this week, I'm glad I was able to get this done.... but I feel like it's not as good as the last one....

Thank you to all those who have started following this comic~~~ I <3 YOU!!!
My Appologies
I would have had this page up faster, but I unfortunately caught the flu... (as in the so exhausted that taking a shower feels like you just ran a marathon type of flue... not the stomach flu...) so I've been resting, but I finished it and am already to painting the next page so I hope that I can get back on schedule...

By the way this is pretty much the format of this webcomic, I hope you can tell the story from these paintings...
//HINT: the rollover text will help a bit... (there isn't much to the story yet, though...)//
:The Cover:
I really am working on this, the next page isn't done yet because it has alot of detail in the background/set...

In any case, this is the cover for Caged-the absence of freedom, hand painted over a pencil line art.
Please enjoy~
This looks so awesome~~~
Will there be a random ouji loli in there? XD
Caged- the absence of freedom
This story will be told through full works of art, not panels in the traditional comic book method. It will have no words but should tell the story fairly well. It has two characters and will tell the kind of romantic story that every girl keeps hidden deep in her heart.

I hope that you will enjoy it.
This picture is just a demo, the rest will look nicer.