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I like chocolate.
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@Nashew: Yep! I'm back to draw comic pages and disappear for months on end, and I'm all outta... months? ...Or something lol
@Marchylls: I actually had to do that myself before I drew this page, it has been awfully long haha

Thanks for sticking around! :)
Is Zeke gonna eat his words?

is anybody still here whats up guys lol

I could tell you a story about how busy I was with life, but in reality I just stopped drawing for a while because I was mad that I couldn't catch up to ten years of mouse experience with a tablet in a few months. Oops...

I'm still not quite there yet. But it doesn't feel like an unattainable goal anymore, so that's something.
(The next page is gonna kill me though yikes)
@BurningSonic: Thank you! I'm sorry you still haven't seen it update yet, but the comic isn't dead, I promise.
Up until now, everything in Road to Glory has been drawn with a mouse. Sketches, outlines, colors, effects. But everything changed when the fire nation-- Uh, but a few weeks ago I got my hands on an actual graphics tablet! (I borrowed it from my best friend, IT'S HER FAULT IM NOT UPDATING jk it's mine alone)

As you can see above, it's giving me lots of trouble XD
After more than a decade of drawing digitally with a mouse, it's really, really hard to get used to a tablet. Right now, it sets my art skills back by what looks and feels like several years. I've realized that the only way to improve is to stop using the mouse and only draw with the tablet.

I can, however, see the *potential* of being good with one. You can get smooth, natural looking lines a lot faster than with a mouse and pen pressure is a wonderful thing.

This nuzlocke's orignal purpose was being a quick little project to get better at drawing. But it has long since turned into a story I want to tell, with characters that have grown on me. I'm so happy that there are people who like to read it, so I want to do it justice!
I can't bring myself to draw pages for RTG with my current tablet skills, but for my own sake, I can't bring myself to pick my trusty mouse back up for it, either.

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates and hope you guys can understand where I'm coming from :(

In the long run, I think this will lead to shorter update times and possibly better looking pages, although for now it only means more waiting...

I can't tell when exactly I'll be comfortable enough to deliver the next pages (I only got two rough sketches done before i got the tablet), but I keep practicing and am slooowy improving. Maybe it'll only be a few weeks. Maybe longer. But I'll be back - Red and the others won't have to spend yet another christmas in Mt Moon lmao

Thank you for reading this wall of text and for your patience and for being awesome!
June 13th, 2016
I hereby pronounce you father and son!
May 19th, 2016
hoo boy dem words at the bottom of the page

also that's a nice bone-tie *badum-tiss*
April 29th, 2016
Gosh little Sans... Samson? is adorable!
April 18th, 2016
@jthmlover8: Same here! Like, he looks dangerous, but somehow the missing mandibular and his posture make him oddly... endearing at the same time haha

Your comic has me hooked btw, great work so far!
@Luigi_96: I'm glad you think it looks good, thank you! :D

Well, I've never truly worked with a tablet, so I don't know how much faster I'd be.

It can be time-consuming because I need a sketch so detailed that I just have to trace most of the lines, so I can focus on making them look good/smooth instead of making the DRAWING look good, because I already took care of that in the sketch. (idk if that's understandable lol)

(Also, I do sometimes resort to vectors for long lines or when something has to look very symmetrical!
For example, when Red is facing forward, I often make a vector for his face. iirc those are the only two vector lines on this page though, minus the panel lines of course)
Golly, look at how much fun these friendly fellas are havin'! Almost makes you wanna become a Rocket grunt, too! :)))

Oh and yes, I do draw everything with a mouse. Glad you guys are still on board!!!
@Haunshaul: Thanks a lot for the offer!

I'm pretty content with my new mouse by now, though, and don't want to do without a handy dpi switch anymore.
So even if I happened upon my old mouse now, I probably wouldn't buy it again. (I'm still impressed by its durability though, I mean it lasted for almost 15 years)

But good luck with those headphones!
What a ride
Oh man, I've been gone from smackjeeves for a few months and when I came back today I saw this comic had updated!

I'm really glad it's back, I binged part 24 in one go just now and it was great

Your Archie and Maxie are amazing, especially Maxie, he's the kinda character you love to hate (I mean that in a good way)
I've also never seen a nuzlocke where Scott is involved with Team Magma or Aqua, that's a nice twist!

So, yeah... that was a cool thing to come back to. I'll wait patiently for the next part! (After all, anything else would be the pot calling a kettle black that actually isnt't even that black lol)
Gosh I think this was the longest gap between updates so far and I hope there's still someone around lol

My drawing mouse broke a few months ago :<
I have used that old thing for more than 10 years.
I don't think I ever really drew with a different one.
Unfortunately the manufracturer went bankrupt in like 2007 and I couldnt find another mouse with the same shape anywhere...

I've gotten used to my new one by now, though, and finally feel confident enough to draw new comic pages. Hooray!

On that note, I hope I'll be able to pick up the pace a bit as I really really really wanna get out of Mt Moon. Those cave walls are getting old |D
The fastest update in like 2 years lol
I probably won't be able to keep that pace up though :I

I'm really glad you guys enjoy this comic despite the long wait between pages! Thank you all for reading and commenting and stuff :3
Maybe it's because people can't shoot lightning out of nowhere. Then again, neither can Magikarp.
@youngsparky: Sorry for the late reply! I'm happy you like my comic :3

Unfortunately I can't say when the next page will be done... I'm a veeery slow artist and also have important exams coming up at the end of the month... (But if you're lucky, I'll procrastinate studying by finishing the next page instead lol)