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I'm a aspiring comic artist that enjoys anime and cartoons.

You'll see my first comic up shortly, a Pokemon Nuzloke comic. If all goes as planned, an original series will appear as well. :3
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Been awhile, but I'm back! drawing this is so simple, I didn't think this would take so long, but when you're balancing homework and work work, it tends to get the better of you...

So as you see we meet Hyena's Pokemon, the Bulbasaur Gilda, named after the Gildergreen in Whiterun.


I've been playing too much Skyrim lately. XD
This is Temminckii, WildDog's Squirtle. His looks are based after the species of the Alligator Snapping Turtle. His name is also the species of said turtle. He's a very calm creature, but very brave. He also has a special ability that will be revealed in the next page of two.
We're one page away from the introduction of WildDog's Pokemon! I'm quite excited about these next few pages - Wild's Pokemon is awesome and we get to find out why Wild doesn't talk.

I'm sure it's something you guys have been wondering about by now. X3
Oooo I like your comic! The art style reminds me very much of Roald Dahl. <3
... El Oh El.

Ichigo!Hollow mask. <3
A Wild Hyena Appears!
Here's page two! And look - another hot shirtless boy!

Meet Hyena, WildDog's rival and flamingly gay... friend? If they are friends, then WildDog has a funny way of showing it. It's not nice to bite your friends!

Oh my! E-Excuse me, sir! I didn't know you were... busy.

@MeggieG: Why thank you so much for enjoying the hotness that is WildDog! I will try my damnedest to get these pages rolling at a reasonable pace. :3
The Beginning Begins!
Sorry it took so long for the first page! Had some unexpected family issues that needed to be sorted out! Either way, we are now on our way to becoming Pokemon Masters!

I don't quite like the way this page looks, so forgive me if the style changes unexpectedly from time to time. I do like the minimal grayscale coloring I used, so that'll definitely stay.

I'll have the next page up soon! But I can no longer promise every Monday... but I can say every week! What day? I dunno, more more than likely every week.
:D I do the same thing! But with Coco Pebbles. X3
It's Just the Cover Page
It's a cover page. The beginning of something new! So before I begin, let's get some things straight. This Nuzloke uses basic Nuzloke rules:

1) Any Pokemon that has fainted is now considered ‘dead’ and must be released.
2) The player can only catch the first Pokemon he’s encountered in a new area.

This Nuzloke also uses the following add-ons:

1) Only the Starter Pokemon can be revived ONCE.
2) Only FEMALE (other than the starter) Pokemon allowed. If the first Pokemon you encounter is male, skip it until you get a female.

Got it?