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@Slicer37: Ohh see I was the person who thought he was a better contender for Sanza most of the season XD
Tofu = <3
Cherman = <3
Bonnie = Go die in a fire bitch.
@Slicer37: Oh no I love Tofu he was in my top 3 pre-season and I love him almost as much as James and you! It's just Cherman did such an amazing job :)
Wow...this just made the season go up right behind SFC 1 and SFC 3... This may be the first time I was ever feeling like I could see this happening in real life with every reaction, every word, and watching it right in front of my own eyes. You could FEEL her anger I couldn't help me start yelling "OH SNAP" when this happened...this is beautiful. Please win now Cherman, please, you are our only hope.
Kathy is going home...basically whoever wins the TB [if possible] is the winner.
Yay for Green Team :)
Awh, Carol ruled.
Now it's Green vs Orange... meaning Blue could sneak by...Carol was my winner pick after all. But I still think Green.
OooOooOO that backstab!
Green wins imo now
Heh...the voice recording... good game.
Way to forget that Sanza is the only one here that can actually win a challenge...besides Brenton. Presicilla boot episode regadless.
Bonnie is out
Atleast we know Bonnie is going next episode... it was foretold episode 2...