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Hi, I'm Sophia and I'm currently studying to be a manga artist/storyboard artist/children's book author, or a profession along those lines for when I get out of college.

I have been working on Carnelian for 6 years now and June 2007 will be Carnelian's 7th birthday for anyone who would like to celebrate it.

I love comics and I love story telling and I read hundreds of comics, both online and in real life. There is little that gives me greater joy than writing stories.

My main goal for Carnelian is for it to become popular on its own without me constantly advertising it on different sites. I feel that if my fans like my webcomic, they will tell their friends and it will spread by word of mouth (or type). If this does not occur, I believe that my story must not be good enough, but even so I will work on it until its completetion.

If you would like me to critique your comic, please send me a private message and I will be happy to do so.
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I'll wait for your comic first.
September 24th, 2007
After looking at this page for a little, I figure it out. The bubble where he says, "Eh..." reads weird. *mumbles to herself*

I AM glad that you're out of your writer's block. Mine at one point spanned 7 months.
I updated on time! GOOOOOOOOOOOO ME!

Response about comic:
If my readers aren't absolutely confused as to what's going on right now, I haven't been doing my job. (basically i'm being confusing on purpose)
*points around frantically* It updated on a Friday! Okay, so I'm technically a comic behind, but at least it's an update! Yay update! I'm working on page 6 right now.
Many apologies everyone...
*is suddenly sucked up into a court room drama*
Crescent: Uhhh...
Judge: You're here under the crime of not updating on time and then failing to update when you say you would. How do you plead?
Crescent: Uh... um.... guilty?
Soo.... what's my punishment?
Judge: Well... I figured you'd just lie your way out of it.
Crescent: So... you didn't plan anything, did you?
Judge: Nope.
Crescent: COOL!

Hopefully this picture makes up for it. Many apologizes, specially to No-Name9(sp). Probably not though.
This is one of my favorite myths. I'm curious to see where you take it.
This is a fun filler image! Light, playful, and is exactly what I'm getting at when I say use more emotional line.
*rolls eyes* COME NOW. *laughs* If you take on that view, you won't try to practice them. I try to avoid "reassuring" other artists of their talents because you don't need the reassuring, you've got the talent, all you need is to keep going and to practice it. The pose is fine.

I do have a bit of a pet peeve with the background though. You have plenty of talent to draw trees. True you used line to emphasize the fact that she's rising in anger so... your call.

I'm a bit confused as to why the feet are on the left. What are they showing exactly? The heel is lifting, but having them on the right in a left to right comic is a little odd.

In the first panel, I wonder if the character was at first lying on the ground and has some dirt in her fist and then she stood... but it's a bit confusing.

The Eye panel looks pretty darn good.

In regards to perspective on the figure in the dramatic panel, it's not bad. Really isn't. Only awkward problem is her mouth (or possibly the bottom of her chin if viewed by others). Well, I say it's a mouth and the mouth would be a lot smaller from that perspective. In defense of my mouth opinion, her hair is shown more than it would if that line is the bottom of her chin. So to me, it's like she's looking down, with her eyes covered, frowning at the ground(and the reader).

I'm in a really chatty mood today. Sorry for blathering about stuff so much! If I've offended, take no heed!
I really like what you have so far, but your lines are really tight and stiff. (I do it too, as a note) It'd be interesting to see your comic when you release a bit of the tension for trying to make the work "perfect". I only mention that because your coloring on the comics is very free flowing and I would like to see if your line work could do the same, with different thick and thin lines.
Your work reminds me of a lot of artists I really admire and watch on DA and I want to see where you take your talent. So I hope you keep going strong with your comic!
Never say your work is crappy.

*inserts long tirade as to why*

You wouldn't have put the comic up if you weren't somewhat proud of it.

Keep up the good work!
April 20th, 2007
And the crazy lady attempts to talk.
Well, I've read up to this post, which to my knowledge is the last that you've done and now I'll give my critique.

I seriously love your comic. The character developement is very nice and I can see that you've improved a great deal from the first to the last.
One of my critiques is the hand that is holding the violin on one of your very early pages (which I don't recoomend fixing) looks awkward, but your hands improved as I read, so bah on that.
And because I'm a moron, I cannot remember the name of your main character. I guess that is because I read so quickly, but at times is it because the name is not repeated enough for me to remember. Like I remember the little girl, Annie's name, quite well.
The comic with...the guy with brown hair and brown eyes coming back from walking the main character home was excellent. I really enjoyed the details on the house for that one.
Annnnnnd... I'll stop gibbering because you're probably not gonna want to read this.
To sum up, awesome comic, can't wait for more, fanart to come (probably mid-June).
I'm not upset about the shading. I just wanna know what the heck is going on in that panel.
Your third panel is really confusing. Is that a zoom of his shirt? Or his ear?

I like your use of line, although a bit heavy in places and obviously your characters are well designed.
I think on the panel where the character is sliding should be the sound of skidding, rather than the word, since you have the sound effect for being punched in the above panel. Just reads a little abrupt to me.